So part of them. As i said earlier,

So basically, what Biomedical Engineering is, it’s just study of medicine, implants, and trying to make artificial organs for implants. They study the advancement of Health and Healthcare. If I were to get a biology degree, this sounds really interesting to me. Just the fact that they are trying to make their own organs to help people sounds cool. Between all the engineers most get paid around 85 grand a year.

But, it ranges from 55,000 to 135,000. Just depends on what exactly you are doing and how experienced you are at it. This engineering job would and could be easy. You can research from books, internet, and anywhere else you get valuable information. Then you use that data to determine what you are talking about.

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Like if I was studying a certain type of medicine, I would know all about it. Including: the symptoms, the side effects, what it helps, and how efficient is it. That’s just information for one project. Just imagine how much studying you would have to do to make a artificial organ. So if you don’t have patience this job isn’t for you.

Lucky me I have quite a bit of patience that was taught from meaningful people. I mean, I think this job would be easy peesy if you just could study a lot and have a lot of time to think about things. This Job sounds like it could be fun, especially if you have lab partners. I would try to get some college mates I already know to come with me. So, that’s all the traits you need for this job really.

The main point, is helping people with their health and their healthcare. The fact you are getting paid for a good cause, that right there is enough for me to say this job is awesome. I want to be remembered as someone that helps people not make people upset and angry. I wouldn’t want to waste a good education on something like teaching, or some low paying job. But, if you think about it, you wouldn’t want to work at all if you got paid for doing nothing. Everyone in this world has a lazy part of them. As i said earlier, this job pays decent money. Although it ranges from 55,000 to 135,000 , the average engineer makes about 85,000.

That is very good. That is around 1,600 bucks a week. I could live a happy life with that. So all in all, I would like to have this job, but to get it requires something most people won’t do.

To be honest, I’m one of those people. If someone handed me a biology degree, you bet your last dollar I’ll be in a lab testing medicines, working on organs, 3-d printing organs and all that kind of stuff.