Social in filling out job vacancies – increase

Social Networking websites are web based platforms where group of people who share the same interests and activities are chained together.In such a collective pool of participation,they share their ideas and thoughts and thus exploring the interests and activities of other participating members- newsfeed.Social Networking sites are ideal platforms which employs various tools for the participating members(users)to interact with one another using chats,emails,videos & images,file sharing,blogging & discussion groups and pages.Social Networking websites are the platforms where company recruiters hunts for their ideal recruit and are being as a tool to retain the best talent pool.

The same platforms are used by the individual employee to find his ideal fit(dream job) and then to boost his/her career growth.How is it all done?1.By creating and managing profiles,applications,pages and groups2.Connecting the “otherwise missing links”- Alumni Network3.Creating User Specified Contents4.Encouraging Employee Value Proposition(EVP)5.

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Providing a huge array of potential employer choice6.Creating Careers and not just mere Jobs7.Publishing news,photos,events and podcasts.8.Being Fun and Interactive9.Be ever Exciting & EvolvingThe fact is, employers nowadays face a shrinking talent pool and an occasional per centum (which implies that there aren’t many of us ideal for the available positions). As a result, several firms face mounting accomplishment challenges in finding the ideal recruits.

According to a popular marketing firm – Kinesis, based in Oregon,US.In 2015, 38% of employers faced excruciating difficulties in filling out job vacancies – increase of 2% ,since 2014.This trend can solely continue as additional Baby Boomers reaching retirement age – with a astonishing 10000 Baby Boomers retiring on a daily basis, according to an analysis done by Pew Research.Even the most important & most subtle firms – those flush with resources to take a position in their accomplishment and talent management ways – report that attracting, developing and holding the best talent pool is among the foremost formidable challenges in achieving profitable growth.