Social Psychology Notes

Doing Social Psychology What is social psychology? Theory vs..

Hypothesis Correlation research o What Information/explanations do these types of studies provide? What are their limitations? Experiments How do they compare to correlation studies? Independent vs.. Dependent variables ‘ Field vs.

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. Lab research Random Assignment o Mundane vs..

Experimental realism PAP ethical guidelines Module 2: Did You Know It All Along? Hindsight bias Self-concept Self-schemaCultural differences in sense of self (independent vs.. Interdependent) What is the best predictor of future behavior? Planning fallacy How good are we at predicting our own behaviors and feelings (e.

G. , affective forecasting, immune neglect) Dual attitudes Module 4: Self-serving Bias Self-serving bias Self-esteem Better-than-average effect Unrealistic (illusory) optimism vs.. Defensive pessimism False consensus vs.. False uniqueness What happens when self-esteem is threatened? Self-efficacyInternal vs.. External locus of control Learned helplessness (hint: know the research here) Cost of excess choice How is self-efficacy increased? When should children be praised? What is the dark side of self-esteem? Module 6: The Fundamental Attribution Error What type of attributions can we make? The fundamental attribution error (hint: know the research here) How is the FEE seen in everyday life (hint: know treachery here) Why do we make the attribution error? How can it be avoided?Module 7: The Powers and Perils of Intuition Priming Overconfidence Confirmation bias How can we overcome the overconfidence phenomenon? Rosy retrospection Module 8: Reasons for Unreason How do preconceptions control interpretations (hint: know the research here) Heuristics (e.

G. , availability heuristic) Illusory correlations Illusion of control Regression toward the average Self-fulfilling prophecies Behavioral confirmation (e. G. , hint: know the research here) Module 9: Behavior and Belief Attitudes