Social work and human services

Social work and Human services are those professional as well as academic fields which help tremendously in improving the life quality and well being of single individual, group of people and community as well. The deed is done by intervening with the help of thorough research, surveys, policy making, crisis intercession, community management, straight practice, and teaching to facilitate those who are afflicted with impoverishment or any other social injustice and offense to their liberties as citizens and human rights.

As this intense and serious work demand a strong educational background therefore education for social workers starts with Bachelor’s degree under the specialization title of BA, BSSW, Bsc, BSW, etc. There are also countries who offer Postgraduate programs in Social Work, such as Master’s under the title of MSW, MA, MSSM Msc, Mphil, Mres etc. There are also some doctoral studies under the title of PhD and Doctor of Social Work.

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Social work being an interdisciplinary discipline, involves theories from sociology, economics, medicine, education, law, philosophy, anthropology, politics and psychology. There are also some regular courses for students of Social work and Human services in particular which are taught in BSW program. Some of them are introductory course for Social Work and Human Services, rules for the practice in Social Work, Theory of Human Behavior, issues faced in the act of Social Welfare etc. Similarly some courses are also offered for the MSW students in particular. MSW students can achieve their Master’s degree in two years. The courses included in the degree program are such as Children Abuse and Negligence, Social Work for Children as well as Adolescents, etc.

These degrees of BSW, MSW and those who deals in the discipline of Social work and Human services is needed for various positions in industry and if you are willing to provide therapy, then theses degrees to the extent of Master’s level is must thing. Students of Master’s level take further advance courses that are centered on the fields of their concentration.

However the journey on the way of this field is quite long, but finally one will finish the required education and then he or she can look for a suitable job. Students of this field must know that quality and sincerity for this work is also sought by employers along with the required degree. This is a field where a person can not only earn a good living, but can also satisfy the inner will for good deeds.

The income of a social worker varies according to the area of his specialization. In 2011, different salary scale were recorded in various areas of social work, such as for social workers working for Children, school and Family, income was $40,680/$19.56, for workers related to Healthcare it was $48,620/$23.37, for people dedicated in the field of Mental Well being and Substance Abuse the earning was $39,230/$18.86 and for Social Workers in all other disciplines the income was $53,900/$25.91.

The above mentioned income and more can be earned by students who pass their Master’s and Bachelor’s in the subject field with quality percentage. However it is not easy for students to conduct all the research work, assignments, custom papers and other heave tasks with any assistance so they can gain acceptance and approval from the faculty in a hassle free way.

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