Social Work Personal Statement Writing

There are some important guidelines or tips that one should follow in order to put together a compelling piece of social work personal statement and get admission in the college or university one desires. You will certainly need to put ample thought into your personal statement outline if you really wish to get in your dream college.

First of all you will need to determine why you want to stick with the social work field, why you want to seek a professional career in it and what has inspired or encouraged you to go for this field because there are many other fields that are also interesting and fun than social working. If you have a past story that have a great role in motivating your interest in social field or if you know a person who has motivated you to seek advance studies in this field, then you will definitely need to include it in the statement.Basically any sort of details which are related to your motivation or interest in social work must be discussed in the statement. You also need to keep in mind that you have to avoid overstating these stories or examples. Although it is important to include all the information pertaining to your interest as a social work but you also need to consider the length of your statement. Using intelligent sentences and proper grammar is also one of the crucial aspects that make the statement more attractive.You need to be brief and sincere while jotting down letters in the statement.

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Convince them through your interest that you are best suited for social work. Briefly discuss your personal experiences like a volunteer work you did when you were 13 or how you carried out your volunteer services even during the exams. Tell them how you managed time for social working while keeping intact your good grades in every exam.

If you can express or display your passion for this field then you will definitely have an excellent chance to get into the college that you like. Remember that social work schools or colleges always prefer to accept those applicants for the program who have experienced the world of social working. You also have to demonstrate your people person skills to the board to convince them and increase your chances of acquiring admission in that college.When writing such essays or applications you need to speak with your heart. It is also suggested to write about what type of social worker you want to become or see yourself in 10 years. Briefly explain what you hope to achieve in the social working field.Once the application is completed, it is advisable to let any close relative, friend or your personal tutor to review it and see what it lacks and how compelling it is. Ask them to give their opinions on the statement so that you can correct any unnecessary or inappropriate detail.

Finally, proofread it at least twice before sending it back to the college which you are applying to.