Solutions of Overpopulation

Education will also help people understand the problems of overpopulation and those associated with bringing up children as well, Hence, one of the best overpopulation solutions is to provide good basic education to all the people n the country, 50 that they may learn the ills of overpopulation and exercise restraint. Family Planning : So, while it may be inhuman to neutralize other people?s bollocks, surely family planning drives must be conducted in the country in order to educate people about the ills of population growth.

Most countries these days have a family planning division in the government – one of the very effective solutions to overpopulation – that help married couples understand the problems of overpopulation and encourage others to either exercise abstinence r educate people about safe sex techniques and arm them with adequate knowledge of contraceptives. Gamely planning drives in the hinterlands of the countries is one of the best government sponsored overpopulation solutions.Tax Breaks Overpopulation facts Will tell you that 3 lot Of countries have implemented this and with good success. It follows the rather simple assumption that given the inherently greedy nature Of us humans, if you dangle a carrot in front of us, we will surely give in and grab it. By offering lowered income tax rates or tax deductions to married couples who exercise restraint and choose to to produce more than one or two children, overpopulation can be curbed at a national level, if not an international level.Conversely, couples with more than three children can be taxed heavily. And while people from countries which are more open minded will surely find themselves averse to this, one can still not ignore that this is one of the very good overpopulation solutions, as it will help people stop producing children, as they are given a more favorable deal.

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Sex- De Talking about the birds and the bees is viewed as a taboo in a lot of cultures, UT when the overpopulation problem is so glaring, moral correctness ought to take a hike.Sex education needs to be made mandatory in schools in which while students come out strapping young lads knowing all about the 3rd root of 27 have no clue about how to use basic contraceptives and birth control like condoms and birth control pills. Sex education is also something that parents tend to defer for a long time – often after the kids have done it the first time nanny. Hence, it is one of the most important overpopulation solutions that we shed the Old inhibitions and the facade Of morality for the greater good.Health Care : Go into the most backward sections of the developing nations and their patriarchs Will tell you that owing to an infernally high infant mortality rate and deaths of mothers, they have extra children – just in case. No jokes here, readers.

People actually assume that their children Will die at a young age and hence prefer to have more of them. So by providing the children and new mothers proper health care, is one of the best solutions to overpopulation as their mortality rates will be reduced and this deuce of an assumption of infant death will be done away with.