Solutions to Discrimination, Bullying, Racism

Research Assessment:Define the terms and give an example of each from the film Remembering the titans to illustrate each term (4 Strengthening quickly from misfortune or illness. ;When the injured captain was in pain, lying in the hospital bed realizing that he can never play again. Nonetheless, he recovers mentally and celebrates his teams victory, We also notice that at the end of the movie, he ended up becoming a leader and an inspiration to the handicapped community in Virginia. B) Affirming the need for the mix tort different races.Treating everyone equally with respect. ;At the end of the camping trip, the players changed dramatically, from becoming enemies of each race to becoming a team of multicultural players. Q.

How could we as an individual and community overcome discrimination and harassment in our society? (4 need to get our council to set up communal service programs to help rehabilitate the victims of the lost generations.These communal programs could allow the local community to get to know about the sufferings that these people have had and in time we could all become friends. TO dissolve discrimination in our society normally comes through sport e. G. In the movie, remembering the titans.

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We could get more aborigines to be accepted into the local soccer team and etc. ;In a schooling community, we need teachers and staff to develop an environment where all boys will be treated equally, teaching the wrongs of discrimination and harassment would definitely help to change our society. ;Overcoming discrimination and harassment in our society will start trot the individual.AS an individual we could set a good example to others and hopefully hen work as a whole community. We could begin by making trends with the indigenous people, affirming diversity, etc. All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing,Q a) Is this statement true of bullying and intimidation? Justify your answer(7 is when an individual or a group of people do something hurtful to another person, There are different kinds of bullying, verbal bullying, physical, indirect and cyber bullying.

;This statement made by Edmund Burke is extremely true.If bullying is not topped, it will continue and the victim Will suffer more and more over time. ;Imagine a kid was being bullied by the bigger kids and they weren’t being stopped, the victim would continue to suffer since the good kids who only stand and watch never tell the teachers and therefore the situation Will never be stopped. However, if the good kids did tell the teachers and try to stop the situation than it will stop bullying and intimidation. B) Is there a better solution to bullying than just having a there is.Having a policy means nothing, it only becomes effective when it is made in use, Someone has to put the policy into use and then everyone would hopefully adapt and do the same.

;Having just a policy wouldn’t work since it would also make the Aborigines feel as if they were different and need special treatment. A better method than a policy would be naturally allowing younger kids with different races to adapt to each other and become friends, Younger kids generally Dana mind mixing in with other races, it only becomes a problem when the racist parents become involved. Http://en. Wisped.