Solutions to Teen Pregnancy

The problem with an only abstinence program is that it leaves out other information such as contraception, biology, and an emotional appeal to this subject matter, This is where the lack of education and communication breaks off. Having well-rounded information towards the benefits of abstinence along with information about contraception can help improve teens to make a wise and healthy decision (Richey, 2011). Of course, changing the curriculum in schools would be hard to do since society always has an opinion towards what is going on in this country.

Teachers can teach the infinite of abstinence and SST Des, but they do not provide an emotional appeal to relate to teenagers. That is one of the reasons for parents to be the ones to step up to talk to their children about this issue. Parents of children are in a pay part of the solution towards preventing teenage pregnancy. According to Steve Nagy (a retired professor from Western Kentucky University (WAKE)) and many other experts, they agree that it is the parent’s responsibility to communicate With their children about sex and schools or society should not play a role at all.Along with that, parents should think of having “the talk” to their kids before they are teenagers, states Darlene Shearer (professor from WOK). She also suggests that talking about this issue should not be a once or Bennie discussed, but an on-going conversation in order for it to be less awkward and for their children to be open to discuss and ask questions (Mink, 2012). The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy also states that the most influence teenagers have for decisions towards sex, relationships, and love are their parents (denationalizations.

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G). With all these experts stating parents as being more influential towards the issue of sex, then, how can parents start the conversation? Where to they go to get information? What should be discussed? The internet is a great tool for educational purposes in order to find out more about this issue, how to start, and to get help. Organizations such as The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, The Candid’5 Foundation, and Advocates for Youth (just to name a few) are good sources of information to obtain in order to learn and educate parents and teens.Along with information, there are also real stories to share from teen moms, tips on how to Start the conversation, and topics to discuss. Statement. Org is a website that is useful to find information similar to the information that organizations have, finding health centers near the community, fun quizzes, and games. Another source of information for parents and teen to look up is through their local health centers.

Teen pregnancy is a problem that society faces in this country.