Some from all the smoke gathered up in

companies are viewed totally different from the others in the eye of people.

This is as true as it is ethical. If a company does more harm than good, then
it surely cannot be regarded as an equal to another benefitting humanity in
major ways. This means that these companies are never unfairly targeted. The
tobacco industry has been labeled unethical not one time but many. It claims no
responsibility for its consumers’ trends and influences but it still is the
same industry that entices products while introducing new ones with each
passing moment. Cigarettes kill and that’s a well-known fact. No matter how
much market is done around tobacco products, at the end of it all we all know
that it kills. The tobacco company does warn its people but quite vaguely as
compared to how it entices them. It spends millions of dollars on advertising
costs for products needing promotion but when it comes to self-awareness and
knowledge sharing with the people, this gets last priority.

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in a Tobacco’s Customer Shoes

walking in the shoes of a conscious cigarette smoker for a few minutes. In your
head there is always a fight between the healthy and harmful side. We all know
that cigarettes cause cancer, even those using it but see it’s addictive. Not
only that but the products are in a variety from taste, texture and refinement.

All these go through this person’s head before lighting a cigarette and smoking
one, slowly killing the being inside. Cigarettes increase the risk chances of
cardio-vascular disease from all the smoke gathered up in the lungs. It has the
ability to increase the chances of a damaged fetus or miscarriage during
pregnancy. It increases chances of lung cancer and breast cancer still through
the smoke inhaled. Bronchitis is also a disease susceptible to conditions
brought about by smoking cigarettes. It is psychologically addictive meaning
that really stopping the habit can be a very tough decision. It also affects
the health of children who receive the smoke during or after pregnancy in one
way or another. Loss of sense of smell and taste are also part of the effects
of using this particular drug. The users also experience discolored teeth.

role of Capitalism in Corporate Decision Making

is a system, economic in nature, based on privatization of ownership of means
of production and profits through their operations. The concept of capitalism is
to allow consumers freedom of choice on the variety goods and services in the
market place. This means that corporations always find ways to be unique in
order to stay relevant. Heightened levels of competency among companies
characterize capitalism. This assists in making of better quality goods and
services for the consumers. Not only this but also the government gets to say a
lot about what changes should be made in the economic environment.

in the Tobacco Industry

the tobacco industry, the companies always have to prevail. With the large
margins of profits they look forward to gain from introducing more products to
the market, comes the addiction of more people to the drug. If it were a case
where the company would really care for its clients, then the tobacco business
would not be as big as it is. The tobacco companies look to benefit more from
heir products than the well-being of their customers.


lives are lost through smoking of cigarettes. Many negative side effects come
along from consumption of these products. The statistics are quite clear. They
have been for so many years. These companies will keep launching new luring
products each moment. Take care health and that of another. Be empathetic.