Sometimes when I woke up and finished my

Sometimes you don’t really appreciate the people around you enough.

I know for sure I didn’t, at least not till the day I thought I would lose someone important. I took the people around me for granted thinking they would always be by my side, laughing, smiling, and even occasionally having a delicious meal together. The day my family got the phone call seemed like any other day but little did I know how it would make me appreciate my family even more. It wasn’t easy seeing the people you care about suffer although it was a miracle seeing everyone together supporting each other. On a warm summer day my parents and I were relaxing while watching a movie when suddenly, my mom got a call. I didn’t think much of it since nothing big usually happens. Although my mom had a different face, one I had never seen before, I couldn’t just ask her wat was wrong because I didn’t want to interrupt so I kept watching the end of the movie. My parents didn’t tell me anything till the next day when I woke up and finished my breakfast they told me to get ready to go to the hospital.

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I immediately asked why and they said my godfather had gotten sick. So many question where going through my head. What happened? Is he ok? How bad is it? My godfather is the person I’m closest to from my mom’s side, besides my godmother.

I’ve even gone on vacation with him and his family. If anything were to happen to my parents he would be my legal guardian so I’ve always been close to him. He always exercised with his sons and seemed so strong. When we got to the hospital my heart was pounding so hard that I thought my heart was going to jump out. The walk to the room he was staying in seemed like hours, probably because we were lost but it was also in a corner of the hospital. We finally got to the room, the first person I saw was my godmother with her two youngest children. I turned to see the hospital bed and saw my godfather, he seemed different I couldn’t quite point out what was different but I was relieved he was awake. A big sigh of relief came out of me, I almost cried but I knew it wouldn’t be right considering the ones that should be crying was his family but I was glad that they weren’t.

My little cousins where happy as always, probably because they were eating his dad’s food. I could tell how weak my godfather was. No words could come out of me because I didn’t know what to ask first or what was the right thing to say all I did was hug him tight and show a big smile. All I did was hear the adults talking. They weren’t sure what happened, and the doctors didn’t know either but they were taking a lot of tests. My godmother told us that she and her sons were noticing him slowly getting weaker till suddenly, he couldn’t stand anymore.

While we were visiting my godfather my other aunts and cousins came to see him. I think you’re not supposed to have a lot of people in the room at the same time but we were all worried about him. My parents and I didn’t stay long because we wanted him to get some rest although I didn’t want to since I was worried. We went to go visit him every day. When he got out of the hospital we all got together to have dinner.

As I was greeting everyone I went to my godfather. That was when I got to see my godfather from head to toe. He looked so different that for a second I couldn’t tell if it was him.  My godfather had lost so much weight. His legs were so skinny, and he used to have a round stomach but he had lost it. He also couldn’t walk without assistance.

He persisted to not use a wheelchair so his oldest son had to help him every time he got up.