Using information technology, businesses have the ability to view changes in the global markets far faster than they usually do. With so many transactions done online and so much information available online, it’s important to keep all of that safe.

Information technology makes it possible for your online data to stay secure until accessed by the proper channels. This system was chosen by the proponent because nowadays reservation for rooms, cottages and other services for a certain resort can be a hassle if the customers need to personally visit the resort to kook for a reservation.With this online reservation system, speed has been known and plays a major role in its rapid growth. With one click of a button the customer are able to save time, and through this they can easily view what are the available rooms, cottages and other packages the resort offered whenever they want to. The History of the respondent resort is related hereunder to serve as part of the background of this study: Vida Guest Resort started on March 2012 at Pork 1 Inbox, ‘rosin, Sorenson.

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This was the idea of Mr.. Johnny and Mrs..Vida Jolly the owner and is presently managed by Sir Ere, brother of the said owner. The resort offers an overnight stay that has two rooms without ration and one air conditioned room, it also provides karaoke machine, tables and cottages. They also offer a rent-our-resort for birthday and wedding reception.

The resort is still under construction now for improvements. The monitoring of vacant land occupied room is done by manually checking the previous records of the customer registered in the registrations form and guest list to determine the availability of the room.Since it is not that big, the manager is only there to accommodate the customer. To help Vida Guest Resort, the research proposed an “Information and Reservation Website” that would hasten transactions. It can be solved through their proposed system, which will provide complete information about the hotel and the easy way of making reservation, and generation of reports. The researchers’ work however, is geared at solving the problem of the resort via their proposed website.To prevent the problem on confusion as to time ND number in registration, and the problem of guest being stranded in the registration booth of the resort for a long period of time, reservation from the check- in period and the check-out period.

This is a big help to know exactly the availability of the rooms, tables and cottages. Objectives of the Study This study intends to develop a Resort Information and Reservation website for Vida Guest Resort, ‘rosin, Sorenson City. To develop a website that will generate the resort reservation for . To create a database system that would provide al the information of the resort.To generate transaction report. Scope and Limitations The proposed online reservation website will be designed for VIDA Guest Resorts reservation, cancellation, and information of the resort. CAMP and Wordless will be used to implement the program.

The website will operate online and can be used by the customer for reservation, the administrator and staff of the said company provided by their passwords. Reservation covers customer information that contains the personal information of customer, reservation details, payment instruction, serration policies, cancellation policies, terms and condition.Whereas, a report enfolds daily room occupancy, daily product/services report daily sales report, monthly sales report, and customer transaction reports. As a final technical point, maintenance comprises room management system product/service, user management system, change user account system backup database system & restore database system.

The project is exclusively applied for VIDA Guest Resort. And it does not include payroll, transportations of the customer and payments of bills re allowed upon visit. There’s only a few person who can monitor and review the evaluated data.