Sources Of Competitive Advantage Tourism Essay

Abu Dhabi is the capital metropolis and largest out of the seven emirates of the UAE ; it constitutes for 85 of the UAEs entire land mass. It is home to merely over 613,000 people.

However, it is the 2nd largest metropolis after Dubai. Over the recent old ages, Abu Dhabi has evolved into an international urban sprawl. It is the epicentre of the UAE ‘s political and industrial activities. The metropolis is besides place to premier functionaries, such as the royal Emir Family and the United Arab Emirates cardinal, federal authorities. Abu Dhabi is considered to be one of the universe ‘s largest manufacturers of oil and a pantheon for regional commercialism. Abu Dhabi has been late seting in enormous attempt to actively diversify it economic system through multiple investings in fiscal services every bit good as the touristry sector. From the touristry position, Abu Dhabi is considered to be one of the universes ‘ most fastest turning touristry finishs. Besides, it is deemed to be a metropolis that offers its visitants an chance to see a combination of culture-rich tradition, modernness, escapade, and arrant relaxation.

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Alongside that, Abu Dhabi is besides a topographic point where people can see aesthetic beauty both in footings of the natural landscapes and modern-day architectural designs. In add-on, the Abu Dhabi International Airport has besides been ranked among the best airdromes in the Middle East part. Given its blissful beaches, epicurean hotels, and across-the-board shopping experience, Abu Dhabi is an ideal finish for tourers and visitants.

Destination Mission:

Abu Dhabi has set long-run ends with regard to its touristry programs and precedences. Bearing in head its initial programs of development and sustainability, the touristry sector in Abu Dhabi plans to accomplish certain cardinal strategic ends over the following twelvemonth. Harmonizing to the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority ( ABTA ) , they are taking to “ jointly constructing a universe category touristry finish ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.abudhabitourism.

ae, 2012 ) via developing an extended scope of merchandises that fulfill the demands of their mark markets, and by developing some signifier of consciousness with respects to their mark market and by making the necessary degree of proficiency in the market place. From our point of view, our mission is to make a selling program that will advance Abu Dhabi as an exceeding and globally recognized touristry finish.

Abu Dhabi ‘s Competitive advantage:

As Abu Dhabi continues its growing, it has managed to derive competitory advantage a client base every bit good as on a product/service base and that is through heightening the metropolis ‘s substructure to cut down traffic, construct a more environment friendly metropolis ( Masdar City ) , and the biggest yet to come, the tube.Abu Dhabi reflects a relaxed yet sophisticated life style. It ‘s a busy metropolis and a really of import concern hub but yet maintains a quiet life unlike Dubai which is the metropolis that ne’er sleeps.

And it is all in line with Abu Dhabi ‘s vision. It has become the perfect vacation pickup along with pleasance with concern where now a concern trip can besides intend a good clip for the household every bit good.

Beginnings of competitory advantage:

Etihad airways UAE ‘s 2nd national bearer and one of the taking award winning air hose, offering the best services for their clients and projecting Abu Dhabi ‘s true cordial reception. Having top notch services in the air power industry gives tourist their first best experience in Abu Dhabi every bit shortly as they choose them as a manner to acquire at that place.


For these seeking a alone thriving experience these are some of the thing to make while in Abu Dhabi:Yas Island: merely an hr and a half off from Dubai hosting province of the art hotels, F1 races in Yas Marina Circuit, residential country by the beach, and fun household clip in Ferrari World.Get the opportunity to sit the path in Yas Marina Circuit.Abu Dhabi islands: Saadiyat Island if relaxation and resorts is what you need, and Sir Bani Yas to research UAE ‘s natural preserve and largest island, every bit good as Delma Island, keeping the Gulf ‘s most of import pearl diving centres.Desert balloon expeditionsHelicopter TourssCruise Tourss

Sports and Diversion:

Sports lovers will hold a great portion of exhilaration in Abu Dhabi with some out of many of activities for them to make such as:GolfWater athleticss and sailingMotor Sports and kartingOff-road driveShootingFishingDivingHorse sitingTennis ; with Mubadala ‘s World tennis title.


Shoping lovers and fashionistas will so hold a great shopping experience in Abu Dhabi and these are some of the topographic points and goods they can shop for:Best bargains and bargainingShoping promenadesRugsArtArabian and local keepsakes ( Sougha )Luxury retailTraditional markets and souksGold jewellery

Culture and Heritage:

A celebrated quotation mark is exchanged between people in the in-between E and to be specific within the Arabian Gulf part: “ one who does n’t hold a past, does n’t non hold a hereafter ” , and from there we take on the words of our late leaders and visionaries to exemplify how the Emirates and Abu Dhabi to be exact takes its stairss in turning and blossoming. Hence, Abu Dhabi ‘s heritage small towns theme park, and archaeological sites in Sir Bani Yas illustrate the UAE ‘s rich civilization and heritage.

Other Amazing Must-See Sites:

Masdar City and Masdar institute: a topographic point on about everyone ‘s finish ‘s list to see the wholly sustainable edifice and environment friendly metropolis.The Grand Mosque: one of the largest mosques having astonishing Muslim architecture. The expansive mosque has the capacity to host 41,000 believers, 82 domes, over 1000 columns, 24 carat gold gilded pendants and the universe ‘s largest manus knotted rug.Emirates PalaceAl Ain ZooArabian Wildlife park in Sir Bani Yas island

Course Project Focus:

In the class undertaking focal point we would wish to travel off from the cliche of Abu Dhabi being a concern hub merely and place of embassies and consulates, and travel beyond that. Abu Dhabi is so much more than that. It ‘s a holiday finish everyplace you look around get downing with Abu Dhabi ‘s valance to Al Ain ‘s Oasis metropolis, and non to advert the western part of the Empty Quarter desert in Al Gharbia for the escapade searchers[ 1 ]. We will build a selling program to alter our audience perceptual experience of Abu Dhabi and derive more attending and touristry attraction and form touristry in Abu Dhabi, every bit good as to run into the end of Abu Dhabi ‘s Economic growing vision in 2030.

Section 3: SITUATIONAL Analysis

Industry Analysis:

For the UAE as a whole, the touristry sector had another good twelvemonth in 2011, although one-year growing in foreign tourers slowed somewhat to an estimated 11.0 % . BMI anticipates a lag in the sector over the short term, with growing in reachings forecast at about8 % in 2012 ( raised somewhat this one-fourth ) . Growth in visitants from Europe to Dubai has been weak in recent old ages. Continuing favourable chances exist for the UAE to work regional touristry growing, such as from Saudi Arabia. The touristry industry has besides become a noteworthy bright topographic point for the building sector. The most recent figures for Abu Dhabi for January-July show the emirate welcomed 1.

37mn hotel invitees, an 11 % addition over the corresponding period in 2011.The already burgeoning touristry sector appears to hold benefited from the Arab Spring, with tourers attracted off from other locations in the part. Given the on-going instability, there is possible for the industry to profit further in this respect.

Annual tourer visits is expected to lift from 1.8 million visitants in 2010 to 2.7 million by 2013 and to 7.

5 million by 2030. Every facet of the scheme works towards showcasing Abu Dhabi as an sole, high-end tourer finish where visitants can prosecute in world-class concern and relax.

SWOT Analysis:






Base to a big figure of taking corporations in the universePresence of taking luxury hotelsEasy entree worldwide due to shut propinquity of Abu Dhabi Intl AirportWell laid out and congestion-free streetsWide array of finishs and events for a household vacation


Lacks the lustre and glamor of neighbouring DubaiDevelopment and execution of undertakings is slowDoes non provide much towards immature individual grownups.



Rising planetary place of the partPresence of natural resources ( crude oil )Ever spread outing globalisation


Rise of other oil provinces like Qatar and KuwaitPerturbations in the part

Overview of SWOT Analysis:

The SWOT analysis sums up the strengths and failings of the touristry industry of Abu Dhabi. The above tabular array shows us that the touristry industry in Abu Dhabi has the possible to turn and go one of the largest in the part. Bing the Capital of the United Arab Emirates has made Abu Dhabi place to most of the caput offices of taking planetary corporations in the part.

The big figure of luxury hotels makes Abu Dhabi a premier location to host concern events and conventions. Abu Dhabi caters to households besides by holding a assortment of cultural finishs every bit good as those that cater to fun. The Ferrari universe in Abu Dhabi, The approaching Yas Waterpark, The Grand Prix and stone concerts such as Creamfields is an attractive force that pulls in tonss of merriment seeking crowds. Abu Dhabi unlike Dubai lacks certain glamors, with touristry and concern non being the premier beginning of income, the execution of undertakings is rather slow. Dubai and other oil provinces in the MENA part are hence a competition to Abu Dhabi that can non be ignored.


Competition for touristry in Abu Dhabi involves both local and international degree competition. At the local degree, it faces tough competition chiefly from its sibling Dubai – the ‘Las Vegas of the in-between E ‘ . Abu Dhabi has announced new ambitious touristry marks, complemented by a US $ 30 million selling budget and immense substructure undertakings, and it is opening up representative offices around the universe and go toing universe travel carnivals. The emirate ‘s aspirations would look indistinguishable to Dubai ‘s but this sibling wants to be different. However the terminal merchandise differs from Dubai, Abu Dhabi is now throwing impressive figures into the mix in a command to pull an estimated U $ 11 billion in touristry undertakings by 2015. Ultimately Abu Dhabi may develop a superior touristry merchandise to Dubai, buts its way to accomplish this will follow Dubai ‘s development illustration, which has shown what you can accomplish with a well-coordinated and funded selling attack.On the other manus, Abu Dhabi faces solid competition from the other metropolitan metropoliss around the universe and fame for touristry. Abu Dhabi has still non turned out to be a popular word among the people around the universe and this is what Abu Dhabi needs to take at.

With strong selling schemes and effectual execution along with finding, Abu Dhabi can decidedly make this end with top rankings in the universe ‘s best finishs.

Customer Analysis:

The clients in a touristry industry are nil but the tourers. These tourers visit a county for either of the two intents – Business or Leisure. Abu Dhabi, being a topographic point which was known for standing up during the recession period and still dining in the market at a good rate with a batch of approaching undertakings proves to be a good attractive force to concern enterprisers around the universe. Abu Dhabi should decidedly concentrate more on pulling clients who visit for concern intents.

At the same clip, households and other people who need to take a trip for merriment could fulfill themselves in Abu Dhabi with the legion attractive forces. Abu Dhabi has attractive forces for all the age groups and if people know more about the attractive forces and events in Abu Dhabi, they ‘ll decidedly non lose out on these. Peoples presents are going more cognizant of and interested in Tourss and Abu Dhabi has really good potency to provide to the involvements of all age groups.

Abu Dhabi has enough to function both the types of clients really good and this is what that makes it an effectual topographic point for touristry.


Market Cleavage:

When it comes to tourism planning and scheme preparation, it is of extreme importance to section the market prior prosecuting a class of action or selling program. Market cleavage refers to interrupting down or sorting the market at manus into submarkets or sections based on certain features or facets. Such features ( demographics and psychographics ) may include age, intent of travel, and chances available to them. In our instance, advancing Abu Dhabi as the following large touristry finish, the touristry market can be broken down into several sections. The first chief section is households, which consist of parents and children- possibly besides immature grownups within the household- and even senior members like grandparents. This section can be farther divided into different age groups.

For illustration, this categorization can be done as follows: yearlings and kids runing from the age of 5 to 12, adolescents and immature grownups get downing from 13 old ages of age up to 19, a young person class which encompasses the younger coevals ( i.e. 20 to 29 old ages old ) , and in conclusion the grownups or seniors which are chiefly above the age of 30.

The 2nd chief market section would be the concern travellers. As mentioned earlier in the undertaking, Abu Dhabi is a regional hot spot for concern chances and investings. Therefore, it can pull possible business people. As a consequence, it is of import to see professionals as a section within that peculiar market. Last, a 3rd possible section could be individual/pair travellers such as unmarried mans, singles, honeymooners ( newlyweds ) , couples without kids, and eventually, retired or senior twosomes.

Target Market Designation:

To aim a peculiar section, a peculiar finish must turn out what is has to offer to be of value to the targeted market. In this instance, we believe the prevailing mark market would be households. There are many grounds why Abu Dhabi would see advancing itself to households, and conversely, there are many grounds why households might see Abu Dhabi for their following holiday topographic point. When houses are marketing a certain merchandise or service, the consumer must understand what the merchandise or service unambiguously offers to them compared to that of its rival and what added value it provides. Similarly, a touristry finish must offer its tourers a alone experience in every respect. It is easy for a household to pick a finish that has astonishing Parkss, province of the art resorts, and big shopping promenades, but the inquiry is, what is so different about a beach in Salalah, Oman, a resort in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, and a shopping promenade in Dubai, with what Abu Dhabi has to offer? What is it precisely that pushes a household to see one topographic point over another? The reply is value and experience. The experience and joyful memory is what stays with a individual, particularly after a trip or holiday.Abu Dhabi is home to many things that a holidaying household would be on the sentinel for.

There are many activities that one can make both indoors and out-of-doorss. A concern adult male winging to Abu Dhabi to shut some trades can worry no more about go forthing his household back place. While he ‘s busy during the twenty-four hours his married woman can take away the childs to Ferrari World, or if they ‘re a twosome with no childs, the married woman can travel out shopping or basking a restful spa twenty-four hours in Saadiyat island resort. Nevertheless, concern and pleasance has become a really do-able thing in Abu Dhabi where concern spouses can take a sail along the sea, golf, or viing on the tennis class while discoursing work. What makes Abu Dhabi different is that the visitants do non hold to worry about acquiring stuck in traffic while acquiring from one topographic point to another. The activities locales are really dispersed out all over Abu Dhabi get downing with Yas Island, merely an hr and a half off from Dubai, to Al Gharbia the western part of the Empty Quarter desert. Additionally, Abu Dhabi has beautiful natural conserves and natural islands where the household can bask kayaking along and bask the natural beauty, and archaeological specimens that reveals the rich heritage and civilization of the UAE.

Abu Dhabi is the finish where modernness and heritage meets, and recognize its visitants with warm welcoming Arabian cordial reception and traditions were inherited along the old ages and are carried on from one coevals to the following, hence the particular intervention is ever given away wherever you go about Abu Dhabi. Worry no more about what can your household can make aˆ¦ because there ‘s merriment for everyone in Abu Dhabi.


A quotation mark from His Excellency Mubarak Al Muhairi, manager general of ADTA sing Abu Dhabi ‘s placement in the touristry industry says the followers: “ Abu Dhabi is seeking to pull discerning tourers who will be attracted by a diversified merchandise base of beach, nature, civilization, athleticss, escapade and concern touristry. Our authorization is to place Abu Dhabi as an international metropolis of wealth and civilization, while keeping a balanced attack between development and environmental saving and sustainability. In our five-year strategic program, 2008-2012, we have prioritized wider international selling of this finish and we envisage that by the terminal of this twelvemonth we will hold ADTA representative offices in Australia, Italy and China fall ining our bing abroad office web which serves our primary markets of the UK, Germany and France. ”[ 2 ]Therefore, Abu Dhabi seeks growing in the touristry industry and place itself within the market utilizing merchandise features and client benefits as a placement scheme.

Section 5: Selling MIX & A ; MARKETING STRATEGY

Marketing Mix:

The proposed selling mix for the improvement of the touristry industry of Abu Dhabi consists of four chief elements: Product preparation, Pricing, Promotion and Place.

Merchandise Formulation:

Merchandise in the touristry industry is any benefits or quality of experience that meets the demands and wants of the client. Abu Dhabi needs to guarantee that the touristry experience that it provides its invitees meets their demands. This can be done by guaranting top public presentation in four facets of its merchandise.Designed Features: The touristry in Abu Dhabi can be given a encouragement by pulling more clients, this can be done by clubbing together different facets of its touristry like cultural sites, hotels, leisure activities into individual trades and publicities.Service Component: All touristry staff should undergo particular preparation for interaction with clients. There should be a unvarying signifier of disposal for all touristry organisations within the emirate. When clients notice the same uniforms and processs within different tourer musca volitanss within the state, it instills a signifier of acquaintance within them.Branding/Ambience: Abu Dhabi should make a trade name for itself as a top terminal tourer finish.

The trade name should dwell of a gimmick phrase every bit good as a logo. The gimmick phrase should project in the head of the traveller an image of the finish and a feel of the people and civilization. The logo can include outstanding constructions of the emirate ( eg. Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi ) . Having a trade name and its attendant publicity around the universe will give a encouragement to the touristry industry in the emirate.

Monetary value:

Pricing is a really of import selling scheme as it helps command the gross revenues volume. Abu Dhabi has over 125 hotels, where many of these are five leading hotels. The published monetary values of these hotels tend to be really high and do non pull a batch of clients. The touristry industry could make trades that club together hotels and different leisure activities and charge a promotional monetary value. This manner, the client perceives more value for the cost they are paying. Abu Dhabi could besides make seasonal pricing schemes that can provide a specific touristry season.


Promotion is possibly the most seeable of the four selling mixes and possibly what Abu Dhabi lacks the most. As a tourer finish, Abu Dhabi needs to direct a planetary message that they are now ready to come in the touristry market.

This can be done through hosting touristry exhibitions and subscribing contracts with international hotel groups and air hoses for promotional monetary values. Printing magazines and booklets every bit good as a more synergistic advertisement in travel web sites can assist do the consumers more cognizant of Abu Dhabi as a tourer finish.

Topographic point:

In touristry, topographic point does non mention to the finish entirely, instead all points of sale for the finish. This includes travel agents, on-line engagement every bit good as convenience of entree. Abu Dhabi should get down a touristry office in major metropoliss around the universe offering trades at promotional monetary values. Etihad Airways already connects Abu Dhabi to different parts of the universe, guaranting easiness of entree to the metropolis.

Marketing Scheme:

A well-developed efficient selling scheme for the targeted sections is really fiddling for growing of the merchandise.

This can be achieved by the undermentioned agencies:Sector Regulation: Work with industry sector stakeholders to heighten overall touristry sector criterions. Develop and implement sector licensing and categorization.Visitor Experience: Improved and consistent visitant experiences founded on alone civilization & A ; character.

Visitor services plan – Advocacy with other sections and bureaus to run into the traveller ‘s demands.Handiness: Significantly improved entree to and within Abu Dhabi.Stakeholder Collaboration: Champion the development of the touristry industry with stakeholders.Tourism Product Development: Foster leisure and concern touristry attractive forces and events.Promote Abu Dhabi: Promotion of Abu Dhabi as an international finish. Produce a steady watercourse of advanced event and constructs which are aligned to, and reinforce trade name Abu Dhabi.Job Creation: Addition in skilled touristry employment and bring forth greater degrees of Emirati engagement.Organization Excellence: Increase the organisation ‘s effectivity by runing with a streamlined construction, chiseled and documented procedures and utilizing the latest available engineering tools.Workforce Development: Increase the organisation ‘s effectivity and efficiencies by enrolling and retaining skilled employees and authorising them to the highest degrees of professionalism with a client focal point attitude.Sustainable Tourism: Promote development of a sustainable touristry sector adding value to the local community.