Spirituality is the Way

“As the shadow follows the body, as we think, so we become” (Hanna). The thought that one thinks projects into reality and manifest the world around us. The thought that we think, it creates the image of the body, or how we act accordingly to the thought, therefore we act out and become the concept or thought it-self, which can be positive or negative.

The thought itself is a living breathing organism, but what creates the thought? The soul. The soul is all, all as in everything that has been or ever will be, but the main truth it nurtures is purpose. Purpose drives the soul daily. The soul is the being, you. Not the physical “you”, but the “you” that is behind the body that you inhabit. For the mind is the body, and the soul is the universe. The universe resides in the mind, or the body of an individual. So for our world to become better, which is the mind, we must learn to find our soul and understand it.

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For the soul creates the mind, the projection of one’s universe is played daily throughout our lives, instantly making rational or irrational decisions based on a belief that is false to a degree that isn’t the whole truth of one’s belief. Once one lives in false fallacies, one falls into a foreign universe that is not their own and wander aimless without a purpose of their own. Without purpose, your soul will slowly wither and die leaving a walking corpse, aimlessly wandering for eternity. One will feel dread, sadness, incomplete and depression daily.

These are sure signs of one living without spirituality. One can only go so long without spirituality before one falls to daily struggles and forfeits their life. Therefore, spirituality has long been a vital aspect to survival and happiness because it helps guide the soul through daily strife, aids the improvement of oneself through awareness, and helps the healing of one soul. Spirituality has been a vital aspect to guide one through problems of daily problems. Th…