Statement my 10th grade & 12th grade with

Statementof Purpose “If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.” —— A. P. J.

Abdul Kalam The journey from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens takes 200,000 years of evaluation. During this itinerary human being passes through the different Ages. This is an evidence of the human evaluation of thecivilization. And from henceforwardhuman jump to the conventional tothe Advance systemof technologies. Becauseit is the nature of thehuman being to be modernized withthe time.

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 To, pursuehigher education in XXX Engineering by doing my master at your XXX University,and thereby make a mark in the field of XXX Engineering. Coming from thescience background family it is our family’s history toward holistic approachto education. Since my childhood I was fascinated by the world of technologies.Being curious by nature I always want to know how things work and completetheir responsible tasks. To satisfy my thirst my encourage, supportive andhighly motivated as well as fully engrossed parents provide me good academicenvironment and play imperative role in my life.

 Although, at a personal level, I believe to walk with this tenor and for that myacademic parameters, thousands of hours of experience indicate the technical activity in core engineering, what defines me is my thirst to dissect and disentangle enigmatic engineering problems andprovide an advance technology-focused solution. The adviser ship and leadership shadowing programs by Navrachana University and Cosmos Engitech Private Limited equipped me withthe consulting & acquaintance ofthe heterogeneous problem’sknowledge atvery young age. Different extracurricular activitiesand core electives offered by the Navrachana University helped me to acquiremore knowledge about technical fields as well as non-technical fields likePhotography, Fun with material, International trade, Principles of managementand etc.

 I completed my 10th grade & 12th grade with distinction in SSC and HSC board respectively in science stream, and due to my high scorein JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) which is conducted atnational level. On the basis of that, Igot9th rank in Navrachana University’s merit list. The Navrachana University is considered as top most private universities with UGC (UniversityGrand Commission) approbation in the Gujarat state. Duringthe Four year of myB.techprogramme. I acquired a strong background in the fundamentals of the Mechanical Engineering subjects like Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass transfer, Manufacturing Technology, Nano Technology, Robotics,and MechatronicsSystem Design etc. I alsohaveprimarily knowledge of designing aswell. Working at Megha Engineering Private Limited.

As an engineer it played solid role in grooming my visualization of a problem from multiple schemas. Excellence service oriented environment strengthen my belief that proper alignment of technology solutions with business process will prove way for efficiency, Innovation, and accomplishment in any industry, and I am passionateaboutbeing an important partto achieve those goals. My abstracted goal of joininga Master in Science field is “Integrate the demand of consumers andsatisfy them with unparalleled product with the help of advance technologies and facilities.

Integrate the industries and societiesfor stand in globaldemand and give mobile access to every passionate technoperson”. My dream is to applymy knowledge in industries and respective services for theirs development. TheUnited States universities have always pioneered the research in my fields of interest.I aspire to pursue further studies in United State because it has the mostdynamic atmosphere and the state-of-art facilities which will shape me to beconsummate professional. Browsing through the information brochure and the University’s home page, I feel that the graduate Study at your esteemedUniversity holds lot promisesto me. I believe that over the years, I have evolvedinto a person who can fit easilyintoa team and who appreciates the value of discussion and exchanges ofideas.

 I aspire to be continue as a technocrat person to help alleviateexisting technical problems usingcognitive solutions and identify new market bydeveloping and implementing fundamentalknowledge, advance engineering prototypes & strategies to make better product and profitableinnovations. I wish to aver that I will make maximum use of all the opportunities bestowed uponme and shall pursue mygoals with whole hearted dedication and can live to the high standards set by the university. I sincerely hope that my application for admission is favorably received and support me in my consideration and give my application a sincere consideration.