STATEMENT time in the laboratory, learning programming languages,

STATEMENT OF PURPOSESANJAY DAMERAAt the age of 10, my sister brought a computer as she was taking her
coaching on animation course. Whenever I would get time, I would spend it on
the computer. On my birthday, my father asked me to select a bicycle as my gift
from the various types on my sister’s computer. I was amazed that instead of
going to a showroom, the choice was available right here at my home. To this,
my sister explained that this was possible through the internet. She further
explained that the said company had put up all their product information on
their website. I was so fascinated by this, and since then, began to made me
explore the world of computers.My interest in Computer Science was kindled by seeing the first
android device launched by Google in 2013.The operating system and the android
applications grasped my attention when I first got hands on experience with
that device. I was eager to know and learn how those applications are
developed. Later, I learnt that these can be developed through programming
languages.  This led me to opt for Engineering in Information Technology for my
undergraduate course from Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science. These 4
years of my college helped me in learning programming languages such as C,
JAVA. I also learnt many concepts such as Data Structures , Artificial
Intelligence and  Machine Learning among
others. I spent most my time in the laboratory, learning programming languages,
designing and analysis of algorithms.During my summer vacation in 2016, I interned at Indus Business
Systems Limited, hyderabad on basic network concepts. This helped me understand
the way networking works and the basics of networking concepts. As a part of my
third semester’s mini project, I developed a android application named ‘Student
Reminder Application’. Most of our college students are using
my application for managing their attendance and library activities. The
International Conference on Inventive Computing Systems and Applications
(ICICSA) accepted my application for publishing my paper, Student Reminder
Application. On seeing the usage of my application, I felt very happy and I
have not stopped at this point. As part of my final semester’s project, I
extended my mini project by adding few more modules with voice assistant
feature using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts. Besides my academics, during my second year, I joined the student
activity centre in our college and organised many events like ‘Blood donation
camps’. I along with 4 of my friends, made a team and visited rural areas for
teaching them importance of education and usage of modern technology such as
internet and online banking. We visited them on weekends and taught basic math
like algebra, geometry and arithmetic to the 5th and 6th
grade students. They scored first class marks in Mathematics which made me
proud. I also organized a technical quiz representing my department in our
college technical fest. We were the runners in the inter-department football
match, where I was the captain of our team.I aspire to study the Master of Science in Computer Science at the
University of Texas Arlington because it is amongst the most highly rated
postgraduate programmes offered in the United States of America. I am
Well-prepared academically and personally, and eager to study new courses
offered by the University. Some of these are Artificial Intelligence, Machine
Learning which is the future of technology. The excellent research facilities and
the strong research – centric  curriculum
seem to be the perfect choice for me to further my academic and professional
goals.In selecting the University of Texas Arlington I have been influenced by the way your
research program addresses latest technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Machine
Learning. I am also excited to interact with Professors Chris Conly and VamsiKrishna GopiKrishna whose work is closest to what I want to
pursue for the original research component of the MS degree.. I believe that I
will be able to contribute to and learn from the academically challenging
environment at the University of Texas Arlington .Immediately after joining the program, I am to work towards my MS degree
and concentrate on my majors. Thereafter, I would like to see myself  as a part of software industry Working for
the development by using new technologies in this sector. For the next couple
of years, I would like to work at  organisations
 developing applications using new
technologies and gain experience. My  ultimate goal in the long run is to start an organization
and to develop ideas using latest technologies in the industry  that solves the problems and which are useful
to the society. i aim to grow as a technically sound  and to supervise a team of developers and
engineers.The essence of University education lies in the synergetic
relationship between the department and its students. I think that graduate
study at your University would help me best with my academic pursuits and is a
major step towards achieving my objectives. I would be grateful if I am given
the opportunity to pursue my graduate study at your world-renowned institution.