Step by wicked step

Based on the novel ‘Step by Wicked Step’ by Anne Fine, I have learnt about the lives of all her characters, but the character I like most is Pixie. Pixie lives a life similar to a Cinderella Story. Her mother and father split up and she goes back and forth between living with her mum and living with her dad. Her dad remarried a woman named Lucy who Is now her stepmother. Along with her stepmother are her two stepsisters, Sophie and Heath Payne. First of all, I like Pixie because she Is strong-willed.

Despite having to endure her arenas’ divorce, she still manages a strong and fiery behavior In school as mentioned by Mr.. Pulley. She also handles her living situations very well. Having to go back and forth between two homes Is not a pleasant feeling. I love how she Just never gives up on life and deals with the problems fate has dealt her. I also like Pixie because she is hard-headed.

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This may seem like a bad quality to many but I think it makes Pixie who she is. Pixie is not afraid to speak her mind when she has to.She stands up for her rights and always tries to win the fight. For example, when Pixie got into a row with her stepmother, Lucy. Her stepsister, Heath had complained that Pixie was not speaking to her. Because of that, Lucy stepped in and confronted Pixie. Pixie spoke her mind and told Lucy all about how she hated her sleeping arrangements as she was forced to share a room with Heath. Pixie also told Lucy how she could not stand to play “Happy Families” in a household she was so clearly uncomfortable in.

She also voiced out that nobody really bothered to ask her how she felt about everything, not even her own father. In the end, Lucy sympathized with Pixie and they had a mutual understanding over some tears shed. After that, Pixie got her was in which Heath’s mattress was moved back into Sophie’s room, so she no longer had to share a room with Heath. Heath also stopped calling Pixie “Priscilla” which she so clearly hated. Another reason I like Pixie is because she has the qualities of tolerance and patience In her.For example, when Heath was forced on her even though her dad and Lucy had agreed that Pixie would have her own room. I think she handled the situation pretty well.

Despite pulling a few tricks on Heath In the beginning, she slowly warmed up to her. When Heath was no longer living In Pixie’s room, Pixie would still be willing o share her room with her sometimes, especially when telling her stories about Henrietta Forbes. Apple Is also very considerate. For example, she knew her mother did not Like It when she brought her stuff over to her dad’s house.

Because of that, Apple never brought any of her stuff over In fear she might hurt her mother’s feelings. I also like Pixie’s sense of humor. When she was playing tricks on Heath to try and so. For example, telling Heath that there was a ghost who used to live in their house named Henrietta Forbes and that because Heath had the same name as her, she may come to haunt them. It was more funny than scary because Heath did not believe her, instead smiled and asked her to tell more stories about Henrietta Forbes.Pixie is also a very good reader and I admire that in her. This is proven when she offers to read the story of Richard Clayton Hardwire to the group.

They were all taken by her telling of the story so she must have been a good reader. In my opinion, Pixie has endless likable qualities about her. I feel like I can also personally relate to her as I share some of the same qualities and life experience as her. This is all the reasons why Pixie is the character I like most in this book.