Story of My Pregnancy

I woke up not knowing that my whole life was about to change. After a week, I knew that something in my body was off, but it was something I continued to avoid. I met my friend at the mall, since we both worked that day, and she gave me the pregnancy test. I went into the bathroom and walked out in tears knowing that I was going to bring a child into this world. This one moment made me realize that I needed to get out of the relationship I was in, how I needed to spend more time with my family, and how I had to build a better life for myself. When I found out I was pregnant I called my boyfriend to tell him the news and there was not an ounce of excitement in his reaction.

I knew I needed to get away, because he was not only verbally abusive, but also, physically. I was scared, and I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I couldn’t live like this.Most women would instantly want to work things out with the father, but I couldn’t bring my daughter into such a toxic lifestyle. I knew that he wouldn’t change, and I wasn’t going to stick around to find out. My mother and father went to my house and got all my things without hesitation, and I never looked back.

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My family never left my side after that moment. I was surprised because I wasn’t very great at keeping in contact with my family.I came around for holidays, and that was about it.

When my family accepted my pregnancy with open arms that’s when I knew that they were all I needed. I went from wanting to go to parties, to wanting to go to my grandma’s house for family dinners. My family became my backbone, and I would spend all the time in the world that I could with them from now on.

I was working as a manager at Spencer’s in the mall, and even though being apart of the management at only twenty was a great accomplishment, it barely paid my bills. I was so scared I would never be able to afford a child, but I knew I could to do better. Within two weeks of findi…