Strategic Management Assignment Unilever and Blizzard

Industry leaders are facing challenges within the ever-changing landscape and smaller players remain financially Halloween to innovate and are prone to acquisitions. Innovations and technologies remain the key to produce differentiated products to be successful in the market. 2.

2 Activations Blizzard: BCC Portfolio Analysis Activation Blizzard has an overall balanced profile as shown in figure 2. Stars: Hearthstone is the top strategic title and has been exceeding expectation (Activation Blizzard, 2014). The smartened versions are currently under development.Question Marks: Heroes of Storm is the second most important strategic investment, as MOB genre is a booming market where Blizzard has o presence yet. It is also a defense move in the hardcore real time strategy games genre. Cash Cows: These four blockbusters continue to generate significant revenue but they are on a declining growth rate. Blizzard is contain joyously working on their sequels to sustain growth (Blizzard-corn, 2014) Dogs: Doable 3 was a commercial hit in 201 2, however it has quickly degenerated to a dog. Guitar Hero does not have new releases since 201 1 and the content release has been terminated in 2014.

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Most of Activation Blizzard’s titles are sequels with valuable IP and they would have new releases radically. A dog today may revive as a star or cash cow in the future by releasing a new version with greater growth. Currently there is still a gap between stars and cash cows and Blizzard is likely to continue with sequels of cash cows while giving time to increase the market share of its stars. 3. 1 Ice Cream Market in Singapore: Strategic Group Analysis Based on the dimension of product range and geographical scope, four strategic groups are identified within the ice cream market in Singapore.