Strategic these goals. During their planning they look

Strategic Planning is very important in any departments in an organization. There are many different and unique ways that strategies are planned in an HR function. The values and perspectives of the HR needs to be delivered and understood when developing the strategic planning within the organization.

The HR team should have the right people, who are able to find the right people and train then the right way. The HR department brings unique advantages to the organization, since they bring the employees and help with operating the business. When they bring in the employees for hire, they need to look at what will be added to the value of the organization as well as the interactions of newer technologies and ideas. As the years pass, new trends and concepts are being introduced, causing some businesses to backtrack, if they don’t get on the new trends and they might fall behind and have new competition which would start being the lead. The HR department contributes to the organization, they look at the future goals and plan ways in which will help them accomplish these goals.

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During their planning they look at different perspectives in which the organization functions and move along from there. Having the right people and team is very key for a success. For their success they look at employees with new thinking and ideas, employees that may be young and creative. In the strategic planning this falls under the team formation, having a diverse team helps bring a lot to the organization, regardless of age, skills, culture, religion or experience, having diversity help bring a lot to an organization.

 The value that is brought by the HR is also through the revision and understanding of the whole organization and where it was standing and how it can be changed to the better. That helps with changing and implementing new procedures to help the organization grow and be successful. Strategic planning is done best when the different departments are approached and exchange information regarding the organization. Different departments in an organization help with what they are best at and this makes collecting all the information easy in order to achieve the best strategic plan.

Another advantage to the strategy planning is creating the SWOT analysis which acts as a great tool for the teams that are planning.   When HR hires employees, they know their capabilities and what they can bring to the organization through the right training. Training is very essential since it helps the employees understand what the organizations culture is exactly and how the process are done. Examples given in the case were that “Southwest likes to make sure its employees have fun at work” and at NORDSTROM, the high-end department store, “When its HR leader was asked how the company trained employees to be so good, he said it didn’t train them.

Nordstrom hired the best people and let them develop their own ideas about providing the best customer service.” All these show how it is important for the HR to have a specific and positive organizations culture.