Strees in Workpalce

Fear of feeling weak and out of control are two common symptoms of stress.

These symptoms can lead to a diagnosable medical condition called depression. People are having great deals of stress and pressure in the work place. Few people describe these feelings as down hill roads, feelings of being alone, and how it negatively flows into their personal lives. Both women and men are diagnosed with feelings of anxiety and stress; however, statistically the number of women affected is more, for reasons which are not exactly clear.The notion of stress is stigmatizing among people for 2 reasons, first it implies that you can’t handle life ( kam avordi) and second the negative views of being depressed. It is hard for people to admit they have this disease.

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one of the reasons that stress leave and work anxiety is stigmatized is because of being considered as a disease not just overload of work.People are not usually comfortable to talk about their diseases cause it indicates their imperfection. We have to try to raise awareness among supervisors, employers, family members, co-workers that stress is actually a disease and can contribute to heart attack and other physical diseases.To prevent clients in work places from feeling extremely stressed they need to realize they can take control of their lives, and they are not alone at where they are in life.

We can not exactly say that different people react the same when faced with challenging and stressful situations.Supervisors need to be trained to be able to diagnose early stages of of stress which can be very beneficial in terms of cost. There are also management practices which can be changed or improved in order to reduce stress in work environments. At the end we need to have a better understanding of what depression is.Source: [Interview with Bill Wilkerson of Addiction ; Mental Health; Alan Kearns, executive coach; and Karen Liberman, executive director of Moods Disorders Association]