Strengths And Weaknesses Found In Victoria Bc Tourism Essay

Australia is the 12th strongest economic system in the world1 by GDP ; it is besides the fifth state with highest per centum of older population in the universe and despite the universe ‘s recession, Australia continues being a stable economic system.

The stableness in this state makes it a good mark for outward touristry towards foreign finishs like Victoria, BC in Canada.By utilizing a SWOT analysis, we will first measure the internal factors of our finish by sketching the strengths and failings found in Victoria BC as a tourer site. In this probe, we will place the features that will place Victoria in competitory advantages over other metropoliss in Canada or other finishs overseas. Furthermore, in the same analysis, we will scan the external factors in Australia that will show chances or menaces favoring or impeding the beginning of tourer outflow towards Victoria BC.

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In add-on, through a cleavage analysis we will place marks that will stand for the primary and secondary sections that will go the focal point for a touristry selling scheme. Furthermore, after executing a section attraction scrutiny, we will explicate a recommendation on the preferable section to market and place Victoria BC as a tourer finish for senior Australian visitants.


As a tourer finish for Australians, Victoria has strong assets. First, it offers a assortment of attractive forces that caters to everyone from local heritage and Aboriginal attractive forces to outdoor and nature researching chances. Second, Victoria clime is an advantage over other closer rivals. Bing on opposite terminals of the Earth, seasons between Victoria and Australia are opposite in clip.

During winter period in Australia, Victoria will be basking the sunlight of June or July. In add-on, Victoria is known for the best clime in Canada which makes it an ideal topographic point for out-of-door activities all twelvemonth long.Third, the geographic location offers many chances for out-of-door activities, exposure to wildlife, nature, trail and ocean site walks. “ Consists chiefly of turn overing Lowlandss interspersed with granite stones of up to 300m/985ft in tallness. The metropolis is bounded by ocean on three sides. In the North and West, drops, tongues and lagunas formed by glacial action make up parts of the shoreline.

Elsewhere, the shoreline consists ofA beachesA of pebble and sand punctuated with coves. Several elevated point of views in and around the metropolis provide a bird ‘s oculus position of all this and more ” 2.Fourth, it gives easy entree to cosmopolitan and metropolitan metropoliss like Vancouver and other tourer finishs like USA by ferry and aeroplanes in both English speech production locations. Furthermore, Victoria hosts reliable eating houses that represent the multicultural population of the island every bit good as cardinal diggingss which are at walking distance from the bosom of the metropolis.



Victoria ‘s chief failings come from the deficiency of consciousness of the metropolis as a tourer finish. Additionally, the high competition makes travel disbursals higher and fewer direct international flights coming to and from Victoria ‘s international Airport. Furthermore, Canada as a whole does non back up wellness services for impermanent visitants. Last, shopping is made more hard for tourer due to high revenue enhancements in Canada.


There are some chances that Victoria should see in order to hike their figure of visitants: Increase consciousness through circuit operators, Develop understandings with neighbour metropoliss to advance low-cost trip bundles, Develop sustainable and cultural touristry. Victoria should besides take advantage of the metropoliss ‘ common characters with Australia and their resembling motives for tourism3 ( sceneries, entree to nature and out-of-door activities, wildlife and propinquity to cosmopolitan metropoliss )


Victoria ‘s touristry industry can be threatened by other competitory markets like the USA, which due to currency depreciation present themselves as more attractive and low-cost finishs. Other closer rivals within Australia, in Asia or Europe may every bit good show a menace to the long and expensive trip to Victoria. Last, the ill-defined definition between Vancouver and Victoria may take away from the international mentality to Victoria as a preferable tourer finish.

Cleavage Analysis

The Target sections are 17 % of the Australian population who are 60 old ages or older and are populating in metropolitan countries which harmonizing to the section of community, Senior good populating in Australia reported % 73 on seniors live in metropolitan countries.

In add-on, the section will be focused on twosomes with no kids with history to % 50 of the senior population in the country3. In add-on, harmonizing to The Conference board of Canada % 40 of seniors in Australia live in poverty4. This would go forth a border of % 60 seniors that could potentially go the primary mark for this touristry selling proposal services4


– There are different types of seniors that I am seeking to aim: the primary sections are those seniors, who have retired and feel they want to loosen up, take a trip with no haste and exposure to a healthy environment with ample entree to Nature and Culture.

– The 2nd section are seniors who have either retired or are about to retire and experience life is get downing and need to gamble now that they do n’t hold the duty of work or household.-Metropolitan countries are more expensive to populate in ; therefore the mark section will hold better fiscal stableness and potentially be having retirement from service. The income beginning may bespeak that a part of this group have retirement programs nest eggs and or investings.


Broad Market SegmentationGolden Age TravelerCultural & A ; Heritage Interest Travelers

Geographic Cleavage

Australian senior citizens, babe boomers who have strongest involvement in ecotourism and cultural heritage attractive forces such ashistoric sites, museums, nature, Parkss and wildlife exposureAustralian senior citizens, who have the Interest in short trips with out-of-door activities like rubber-necking, golfing, shopping, chancing and easy entree to cosmopolitan and other tourer finish

Demographic Cleavage

Retired married twosomes with alumnus surveies and no kids populating at place age 65 and over life in metropolitan countriesHigh Income Married Couples with no kids populating at place age 60 and over life in metropolitan countries

Psychographic Cleavage

Self-sufficient persons, household oriented, community values who enjoy peaceable travelling, exposure to nature and environmentally witting with are involvement in researching other civilizationsHigh disposable income with active life style, bask socialising with other people of same involvement and expression for out-of-door activities, casinos, high-end eating houses, resorts and athleticss

Behavioural Segmentation5


Benefit Sought:

User Status:

Loyalty Status

Buyer Readiness phase:

– Winter Vacations-Authentic experiencethat explores a finish ‘sNatural and cultural heritage.- First clip visitants-Switchers- Investigate options, costs and take clip to make up one’s mind- Winter Vacations-Getaway with easy entree to cosmopolitan metropoliss and cities-Frequent visitants- Soft Loyal- Expression for a short pickup no much probe, they look, like and purchase

Segment Attractiveness


Segment Attractiveness Analysis

The Sections are measureable because we have quantitative informations of the topic in footings of demographics, age groups and fiscal conditions that could go our chiefly aim.

% 73 sections populating in metropolitan countries give them easier entree to mass media, engineering and better income. However, there is no specific informations depicting the literacy rate of this specific group and it is for this ground that the appraisal for this standard is a 6.If specifically identified, the sections chosen are so significant and profitable plenty to function. Graduates, affluent and high income seniors are extremely inclined to utilize their nest eggs, disposable income or retirement financess to bask their lives after retiring from the work force.

The sections are besides extremely distinguishable from other sections because they have specific geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral features. Additionally, this group is accessible. Eeffective selling, gross revenues and service plans can be formulated for pulling and functioning the sections because they are located in cardinal countries exposed to engineering and other selling locales. Finally, this section is ethically accessible because they are non presented as a vulnerable group that can potentially pull negative sentiments.


StandardsASSESSMENT ( 0-10 )1Measurable62Significant83Differentiable94Actionable85Accessible86Ethical10Entire Assessment for Segment49


The primary mark section: Retired married Self-sufficient twosomes, 65 old ages or older ( golden- age ) , no kids populating at place, located in metropolitan countries with strong sense of community values who enjoy peaceable travelling, exposure to nature and environment, interested in out-of-door activities and researching other civilizations.

Brand Positioning Statement:

Australian Golden age twosomes, remainder at easiness in the colorful metropolis of Victoria, Explore the Aboriginal history and heritage of the metropolis while walking through the most ebullient sceneries in all Canada


Having identified the economic and demographic assets of Australia as a powerful possible market for senior outward touristry, the grind analysis, cleavage analysis and section attraction analysis have narrowed down our mark sector in order to work Victoria in competitory advantages over other metropoliss in Canada or other finishs overseas and place it as a tourer finish of aureate age travellers age 65 and older. If Opportunities are explored, we can advance Victoria as an reliable experience that will let natural, cultural and seasonal travelling for first clip or frequent visitants.


STRENGHTSFailingPerceived as desirable finish ( Ocean, Rocky mountains, gardens, beaches, lagunas )Museums & A ; Historic SitesAttractions and EntertainmentParks, wildlife, natural countries & A ; Outdoor activitiesLocal Heritage & A ; Aboriginal AttractionsLocation and Safety ( near cosmopolite metropoliss, bordered with USA )Same LanguageSeasons are opposite from AustraliaBrand is no really RecognizedNot many international Flight travel Directly out or into VictoriaHigh Taxes for shoppingHealth Servicess are non available to impermanent visitantsLack of high terminal shoppingHigh monetary values for airfare, adjustment and tourer attractive forcesOpportunityMenaceCanada meets Australians market on motives for sing a state ( sceneries, entree to nature and out-of-door activities, wildlife and propinquity to cosmopolitan metropoliss )Increase consciousness through circuit operatorsDevelop sustainable and cultural touristryDevelop understandings with neighbour metropoliss to advance low-cost trip bundlesDepreciation of USA dollar makes it a more attractive and low-cost tourer finish.Closer are more low-cost finishs in Europe and Asia could switch Australian visitants flow from VictoriaAustralia offers similar merchandises in footings of tourer attractive forces, events and activitiesNot clear distinction between Victoria and Vancouver.



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