Stress in Student Life and Solutions to it

To avoid the undesirable disadvantages Of stress, students should consider the causes Of stress important as it help dents make plan to reduce Causes of Stress for university Students: 1. The first cause of stress for university students is the new university environment itself. Human emotion and behavior are influenced by the surrounding.

Change of social circumstances can make the university students stress. If they go to university straight out of high school, they face the difficult challenge of leaving home, separating from their parents, and beginning the process of finding their own identity as an adult and their place in the world,They need to practice housekeeping, to manage a budget, and to find their way around strange place, These can cause the students sadness and tension, If they are international students, this will be acute. 2.

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Next, relationships among new friends and partners will bring stress to students. They have an intense need to fit in and to be accepted by their friends. They fear ridicule and rejection from new friends. Stress occurs when there is something about their accent or religious symbol that differ them from their friends.

3.Competitive environment in university and exams cause the students to stress 4 Students who don’t have healthy sleeping habits or don’t get enough sleep at night are more likely to feel stressed than students who get plenty of sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Sleep allows a student’s body and brain to recharge and it helps to keep the immune system strong. Inadequate amounts Of sleep can make a child more aggressive and limit his ability to learn, concentrate and solve problems. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that young people sleep 8. 5 to 9. 5 hours per night, and that they maintain a regular sleep schedule.

5. Parents almost always want the best for their children many harbor dreams of top colleges, followed by lucrative careers within a global, competitive economy. In order for kids to meet these expectations, though, they must perform well academically, Many parents put intense pressure on their children to earn perfect grades, no matter the cost.

Experts warn that this type of intense pressure around school and performance can backfire, leading to social, motional and physical stress in students. 6.Lack of proper time-management techniques How Too Much Stress Affects Us: Physically The heart pumps faster, making blood pressure rise, Some people experience palpitations. Muscle tensions increases, leading to headaches, dizziness, jaw ache and even insomnia. Breathing is faster and less efficient which can lead to over-breathing (hyperventilation) and breathlessness. Changes in the flow of blood to the skin can cause sweating, blushing or clammy hands and feet.

Mentally A certain amount of stress can be mentally dominating but too much can affect our thinking ability.