Strictly Ballroom

Belonging is defined as the affiliation of an individual to groups at which self and social identity is formed. The consequences of not belonging may lead to isolation from distinctive groups and will result In Individuals feeling left out and alienated. The Ideas and perceptions of belonging vary amongst deferent type of Individuals and groups.

This may depend on social, historical and cultural aspects which may Influence ones perception of belonging. Bag Allurement’s film ‘Strictly ballroom’ and Shawn Tan’s picture book.The Arrival’, both explore the aspects of belonging. Bag Allurement’s film, Strictly Ballroom’ revolves around a young character, Scott, who is trying to fled his ‘inner-self through a series of acts which leads to repercussions of alienation. Scott is placed in a situation where he feels that he has a strong sense of belonging through making new dance moves in Ballroom dancing with another individual, Fran, however this ultimately causes him to become a non-conformist of the ‘ballroom community.By belonging to one thing, he Is now considered as an outsider’ to the other. This Is revealed when his mother Is shown in a ‘announcement scene, expressing her concerns over her son’s change, “Did I do something wrong, did I fall him as a mother? “.

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At first, her break down causes the audience to feel sympathetic. However Bag Alarm purposely portrays her as an uncontrolled mother, with her face ‘caked-up’ with her ridiculous make-up, though ironically she is a make-up professional.This causes the audience to be not sympathetic of her problems, especially when it’s something minor, in this case, making new dancing tepees in ballroom dancing. This is a fine example of the pressure of conformity that individuals may experience if the group is majority. Fran slowly finds her true identity as she builds a relationship that gives her that sense of unity and acceptance. Fran is first depicted as a rejected individual who desperately attempts to find her purpose In society. As the film progresses, her true Identity Is shown, showing her evolution as a person at every step.

Bag Allurement uses cliche©d film techniques to show this, such as her clothing progressively gets elegant and more beautiful, especially when she was first shown in a dirty oversized pink t-shirt. This physically shows the audience that Fran is changing as she forms a relationship that determines her true identity and gives her that sense of belonging. Scott develops his sense of belonging through investigating his family past and discovering the truth. With a family so shattered and distance, what Scott sees is that there are no relationship between his parents, other than blood relation.However hen Scott investigates his family past and finds out that his father was once like him, creating new steps, It gave reasons to his creation of new steps, and from this, It develops his sense of belonging, with father and son.

This was shown when his father Doug, says “We had the chance but we were scared. We walked away.