Stronger all those individuals Stephen Paddock committed suicide.

gun control laws will decrease mass shootings because it will be harder for
irresponsible people to purchase guns. Mass shooting is where people go to
public places and kill lots of innocent individuals. The three most recent mass
shootings that killed lots of innocent people are the Vegas shooting, the gay Pulse
nightclub shooting, and the Sutherland Springs church shooting. The Vegas
shooting is reportedly the worst mass shooting in history. Stephen Paddock opened
fire at a country music festival in the Mandalay Bay Resort and casino killing
58 innocent individuals and injuring 500 others. Stephen Paddock had possession
of 17 rifles, one contained a “Bump stock” allowing it to fire at a faster
rate. After killing and injuring all those individuals Stephen Paddock committed
suicide.  The gay nightclub shooting occurred
on June 12,2016 in Orlando Florida. Omar Mateen is responsible for this mass
shooting killing 49 innocent individuals all because he didn’t approve of their
sexuality. Omar Mateen used a Sig Sauer MCX riffle which is a very powerful rifle
in which shoots at a fast rate. Omar was soon killed in a gun battle with the
police. A gunman opened fire at a Sutherland Springs church killing 26
individuals and injuring 20 others. This Gunman used a Ruger riffle. People
should not have access to these kinds of rifles because there are being used to
create mass shooting killing lots of innocent individuals. People with a mental
illness are primarily responsible for the frequency of mass shootings in the
United States. People who will like to purchase a firearm should be examined by
a professional psychologist. The number of requirements needed to purchase a
firearm needs to increase making it nearly impossible for criminals or people
with a mental illness from purchasing a firearm. These stronger laws passed
will help decrease the amount of mass shootings.

The debate on whether the government should enforce stronger
gun control laws has caused a split among U.S citizens. Supporters argue that
the accessibility of firearms have allowed criminals to commit mass shootings,
other believe that by enforcing stronger gun control laws it will prevent
people from defending themselves also people believe it violates the second
amendment. The recent increase in mass shootings and assault against police
officers provide a leeway for the placement of limits on gun ownership and use.
Even though guns are usually utilized for protection, the United States should
adopt stronger gun control laws because it helps decrease mass shootings,
prevents people with mental illnesses from purchasing firearms, and helps
decrease the overall gun violence.  

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