Study Visa General Research

Falling, a no objection (Null Costa) Issued by the “Ministers Della Salute” should be presented or a relevant declaration (Deliberation) from the Institution In ) Professional / Personal Financial status letter from employer explaining purpose of visit, date of commencement of employment, professional status of applicant, leave approval confirmation, travel/ additional expenses borne by…..

… Et Letter from school/college/institute/ university granting permission of academic leave – salary slips for the last 3 months PEP , IETF contribution statements personal bank accounts (current / savings / fixed deposit etc) for last 3 months – certified valuations for movable and immovable assetsFederations bankcard(bank guarantee) in favor of the applicant prepared by a sponsor / institute / university 7) Financial Sponsorship by 3rd Party – in the event an applicant is financially supported by a third person then the sponsor should provide : Letter explaining his reasons for financially sponsoring the applicant – Proof of any family bonds letter of employment / proof of business bank statements for past 3 months (fixed deposits / current / savings account) – 8) Insurance – Overseas Medical insurance for tallest 30 days, to be completed within the said 30 says with an undertaking that the student will enroll in an insurance scheme upon entering Italy. ) Foreign Exchange letter from Bank stating the issuance of foreign exchange on receipt of visa – most recent credit card statement issued by airline or travel agency 10) Airline Ticket – confirmed reservation 12) Proof of Previous Travel – photocopies of visas issued in the last two years by Changes countries, I-J, Ireland, USA, Canada,Australia and New Zealand Note: The Embassy reserves the right to request further documentation at the interview f and when required – All documents should be provided in original accompanied with a set of photocopies in AH size – Documents in Essentials,

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