Supercede any verbal shop terms

General Overview

  1. Carefully reexamine the footings of your store below.

    If there is a disagreement between what you were told when you signed up for this store and the footings set Forth below, name BestMark PRIOR to executing the store. In all instances, the footings on these instructions supercede any verbal store footings. In accepting this assignment, you are to follow with all the demands of this store to be to the full remunerated.

  2. You MUST corroborate your store on-line instantly after finishing your visit ( choice CONFIRM SHOP ) or you may name BestMark before 10am Cardinal Standard Time on the twenty-four hours following your store and go forth a message on the verification line merely. We will NOT accept e-mail verifications.

  3. Survey signifier must be completed on the Web by 10am on the twenty-four hours following the store to be valid. .
  4. It is your duty to guarantee that your study signifier is received in BestMark ‘s offices.

    Remember to retain elaborate notes to animate the study if necessary. If this can non be done, we can non reimburse you for your store.

Before The Shop


Role as a Shopper:

  1. The intent of this store is to supply consistent rating and feedback to the Chrysler Automotive regarding degrees of client service at their franchise locations relative to the gross revenues procedure.

    The study has been designed to reenforce and acknowledge model client service behaviour, cognition of stock list and available services, and specific merchandise publicity.

  2. Read all instructions and familiarise yourself with the store scenario and study signifier prior to executing your store. After reexamining the instructions, study signifier and sample study, you are required to reach your BestMark scheduler if you have inquiries or are ill-defined in any manner as to what the demands are for this store.
  3. Due to changing gross revenues hours at franchises across the state, delight name your assigned franchise PRIOR to continuing to execute your store to guarantee that the franchise is unfastened during the clip you plan to execute your store ( do sure you allow at least 45 proceedingss to execute your store PRIOR to the franchise shutting ) .

NOTICE: Before make fulling out the study, delight exhaustively reexamine your instructions, every bit good as the Sample Survey that accompanies your assignment. If we need to return the study to your web site in order for you to provide extra information required to do this study acceptable to our client, a processing fee of $ 2.00 will be deducted from your reimbursement or wage for this store.


If you plan to execute your store in the eventide hours, you should name in front of clip to corroborate what clip the franchise closes. If you do non name in front and the franchise is closed when you arrive, your store will non be valid.You will present as an interested NEW CAR purchaser. Fix your scenario in progress ( what type of auto / truck you are interested in based on the assigned franchise – Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep – how you will utilize it, how many in your household, etc. ) so that you will be able to show your scenario and reply inquiries sing your demands in a natural and comfy mode.

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YOU ARE **REQUIRED** TO ASK ABOUT A CHRYSLER ( CHRYSLER, JEEP OR DODGE ) VEHICLE FOR YOUR SHOP TO BE VALID. IF THE DEALERSHIP CARRIES OTHER MAKES OF VEHICLES, YOU CAN NOT ASK ABOUT THE OTHER MAKES.IF YOU ARE UNSURE WHAT VEHICLES CHRYSLER MANUFACTURES, YOU MUST GO TO THEIR WEBSITE TO FIND OUT WHAT MODEL ( S ) YOU CAN ASK ABOUT. IF YOU DO NOT Ask ABOUT A CHRYSLER VEHICLE, YOUR SHOP WILL Be INVALID AND YOU WILL NOT BE REMUNERATED FOR PERFORMING THE SHOP! ! !You should be prepared to travel through the full experience of looking for a new auto including TAKING A Trial Drive IF OFFERED ( may be every bit brief as around the parking batch ) , and DISCUSSING THE TRADE- IN of your current auto. ( you are Not required to hold your current vehicle looked at and appraised, but should be prepared to supply twelvemonth, make, theoretical account and milage of vehicle to acquire a ball-park trade-in value ) .

During The Shop


  • You must dress for this assignment in concern casual at a lower limit.
  • Each store should take you about 35 proceedingss to execute. Be certain you start your store at least 1 hr prior to the location shutting for the twenty-four hours.

    DO NOT stay at the location AFTER shutting clip.

  • Indicate that you are looking for a New CAR. You must supply your existent name, phone figure, email reference and reference when asked to let for a follow up by the Gross saless Rep within 48 hours. You must besides supply your existent current vehicle information.
  • You will be asked to observe if a trial thrust is offered.

    If yes, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO Take A VERY Short Trial DRIVE ( indicate if necessary that you merely wish to drive around the parking batch ) , REGARDLESS OF WEATHER CONDITIONS. If a trial thrust is NOT offered, you will bespeak this in your study signifier.

  • Childs are non allow to attach to you on this store!
  • You are REQUIRED to obtain and subject to BestMark a concern card from the Gross saless Associate for store to be valid. If Associate does non supply a concern card on his/her ain, you MUST bespeak one.

DEALERSHIP PERSONNEL ( May be Gross saless Associate or other available forces )

  • Enter the franchise salesroom ( NOT service country ) and get down to shop while you wait to be greeted. You will be asked to observe exact clip it took to be greeted. If you are NOT acknowledged and greeted with 1 minute, you may near the receptionist ( if available ) or seek aid from an available Gross saless Rep on the floor.
  • Once you have been offered or have obtained aid, province your scenario – that you are interested in buying a new auto. Do non supply particulars sing your demand instantly – allow the Gross saless Associate to inquire open-ended inquiries ( those that can non be answered with a “yes” or “no” ) to find and research your demands.
  • You must present the inquiry that if you were to do a purchase today, you are interested to cognize what sorts of transits options would be available in the event that you brought your purchased auto in for service ( e.

    g. lender, rental auto, bird, etc. ) and enter the response on your study signifier. * This individual should corroborate your ground for coming in and escort you to the appropriate section / country / individual ( if it is a receptionist, you should be escorted and handed off to a Gross saless Associate / if it is a Gross saless Associate, you should be escorted to the gross revenues country ) .

Gross saless ASSOCIATE

  • Note the visual aspect of the Gross saless Associate. He / she should look good groomed and professional.
  • Listen for a sincere greet with a smile PRIOR TO discoursing concern.
  • Listen for Gross saless Associate to present him/herself, inquire for your name and reference you by name at least one time during the interaction ( e.g. “It ‘s great to run into you, Mary.

    I would be delighted to help you in happening merely the right vehicle! ” ) .

  • You will measure the grade to which the Gross saless Associate undertakings poise and assurance, every bit good as if you were made to experience that you had his/her full attending ( non distracted by activities around him/her ) throughout your interaction.
  • If you have non already done so in old subdivision, province your scenario to the Gross saless Associate – that you are interested in buying a new auto. Do non supply particulars sing your demand instantly – allow the Gross saless Associate to inquire open-ended inquiries ( those that can non be answered with a “yes” or “no” ) to find and research your demands.
  • Listen for Gross saless Associate to offer a specific vehicle that is in alliance with your declared demands every bit good as present the characteristics and benefits of that vehicle.
  • LISTEN FOR THE SALES ASSOCIATE TO OFFER YOU A Trial Drive. If this occurs, you should take a really short trial thrust ( around the parking batch ) and must hence hold your valid drivers license with you when executing the store.

  • Gross saless Associate should obtain your contact information ( full name, reference, phone figure, email reference every bit good as find your preferable method of communicating. YOU MUST PROVIDE ACCURATE INFORMATION in order to let the Gross saless Associate the chance to follow up with you after the store ( if there is a follow-up, you may state the Gross saless Associate at that clip that you are non interested in prosecuting it further, that you have purchased a different auto, that you have changed your head, etc. to be removed from the list of active chances ) .
  • At the terminal of your store, if it has non been offered already, you MUST bespeak a WRITTEN OFFER ( may be formal or informal but it MUST be written ) sing the monetary value of the vehicle discussed.
  • In the event that you schedule a 2nd gross revenues assignment ( e.

    g. you would wish to convey in your partner ) that you miss, you will be asked if your were contacted to reschedule.


  • During your interaction with the Gross saless Associate, inquire about the vehicle pickup option should you really buy a vehicle at the franchise.

    Note if he/she offers convenient options.

  • At some point during your store, you must turn up and measure the client sofa where clients wait while service is being performed and measure the environment of this country.
  • You will finish your study signifier instantly after the store is performed but will let the Gross saless Associate 48 hours to follow up with you before you submit your study as you will be entering whether or non a follow up occurred.


  • You will be asked to detect franchise shows. Look for suitably conditioned new vehicles to be displayed in traffic countries ( client entryway, new auto batch, salesroom, etc. ) ..

  • Look for current theoretical account booklets to be available ( may be displayed OR provided by Gross saless Associate ) .


  • You will be asked to bespeak how likely you would be to Return to this franchise ( if you were really meaning to buy a Chrysler trade name ) and RECOMMEND this franchise based on YOUR EXPERIENCE TODAY ONLY every bit good as what you liked most and least about your experience with this franchise.

After The Shop

Confirming Your Completed Evaluation

  • You must corroborate that your assignment has been completed by the Survey Confirmation Deadline. ( On Shopper Main Menu, chink on Manage My Shops and so snap on CONFIRM SHOP to go forth of the appropriate despatch figure. ) If you are unable to corroborate online, you must name BestMark before 10:00 am Cardinal Time on the twenty-four hours following your rating, or go forth a message on the verification line at 800-969-8477. We do non accept e-mail verifications.

Submiting Your Survey / Notes Policy

  • It is your duty to guarantee that your study signifier is received by BestMark. Remember to retain elaborate notes so you will be able to animate the study if necessary.

    We can non pay you for your engagement if your study must be recreated but you do non hold sufficient notes to remake it.

Uploading Your Business Card

  • YOU ARE REQUIRED TO OBTAIN AND UPLOAD A BUSINESS CARD FROM THE SALES ASSOCIATE for store to be considered valid. Business cards can be either scanned images or clear digital exposure, uploaded straight to our web site by choosing the Upload Receipts / Shop History nexus from our Shopper Main Menu.

Narrative Requirements

  • Write a elaborate sum-up of your visit in narrative format that describes both the positive and negative facets of your experience.

  • If you score any point less than YES or the highest point value available, you must do specific mention to this in your narrative.
  • Please see the sample study to acquire a good thought of what is considered appropriate narrative. If your narration does non fit the degree of item shown in the sample study, we will reach you for more information and we may subtract a part of your payment.