Supporting your research paper evidence

After having chosen a topic for your research paper, the next step requires you to brainstorm and decide what is to be included in the research paper. Thesis statement for your research paper is also derived from your brainstorming. After brainstorming, you proceed to make your outline. The outline should basically include main ideas.

These are ideas that will be used in supporting your thesis statement. After the main ideas, you proceed to give your results and conclusions. Results and conclusions are not part of your literature review; they are what you have come up with after quantitative or qualitative analysis. This is the most important part of your research paper. Many research paper writers, even after having an excellent thesis statement, and after doing an excellent job in data analysis, they fail because they do not know how to support their evidence.

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If you are supporting your research paper evidence, ensure that you cite relevant sources. Although the results that you will be supporting are independently derived, you should support your conclusion by comparing them with what other researchers in your field have found out. For instance, you can say that your results compares well with what so and so found out. You can also note that you have used a better methodology than previous writers because yours includes some necessary concepts which may have been left out by other authors.

Research papers do not require you to be vague; they require you to be specific. Instead of using estimates, use real statistical data. The same case should apply to periods; do not say in the 1990s but say, for example, in 1995. Being vague only shows that you are not certain about what you are saying. Ensure that vagueness is replaced with specificity because this is what matters in research papers.