Surrounded By the Trees

It was two in the morning when I decided to go to Howard Play stead which Is a park In Lawrence Street, Lawrence, MA.

I Just wanted to be alone and forget about life for an Instant. I guess almost all of us go through a situation like that in our lives. As I walked through park trying to find a place to sit, there were no lights but the moon’s Itself; moreover, the weather was fresh and I decided to sit on the children playground swing.The swing’s chains were rusty and I could hear It complain every time I swing because of Its condition, so I stopped swinging because It was getting sissy, guess It was the rain’s fault that the swings were Like that. I hopped off the swing and walked over to the bench and sat down, leaning against the back. Nobody was around, and I could feel It even when I concentrated and closed my eyes. There was no noisy, but It was getting a little windy because the pine trees began to sway.

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Those trees were high I stood up, took off my sandals and walked through the grass towards the basketball court.I could feel the grass tickling my feet and it felt nice: however, when I got into the basketball court the floor was too rough So I put my anodal back on. The basketball court had a rectangular form. The floor was perfect, because it had no cracks or anything. It was clean.

It was surrounded by a wire fence, so I sat on the floor and held it with my hands through its holes to stretch a little because I was getting a little tired. I was able to see how old and rusty the rings were in the basketball court. Next to the basketball court was the tennis court but since I’m not really a fan of that sport, I did not even get close to it.There was a little grassy hill behind the children playground, and I went there. Once on top of the hill, I was delighted to be there.

Some stars came out, and there I was staring at the moon’s beauty. It was starting to emit a pale light brightening the dark sky. I could only feel relaxed. I forgot about my problems and anything related to this world in that moment.

I rolled down the hill and I was dizzy when I stood up. The world was spinning around and I fell on the grass. I Just closed my eyes and waited for the effect to go away. When my dizziness was gone, I took a deep breath and smiled.I told myself that I was Just having a bad day, not a bad life. It was worth coming to a place like this because it helped me relax, think clear about many things; moreover, It helped me understand that some people believe men are not supposed to cry, but feeling emotions that run through our veins connected to our hearts It’s what make us humans. I suddenly noticed time was a thief because It was almost four and I had to go home.

I decided to walk around the pine trees before I left, and acknowledged that I was not alone; in addition, I want you to know that If you ever read this essay, I id not write It with any bad Intentions.I know that you are strong and all that, but keeping all those feelings Inside of you It’s only going to hurt you. You should know from my experience that If you ever walk alone In the middle of the night In a place where you feel comfortable and you feel betrayed or hurt, but you do not like to cry because you believe that is for the weakling, that is fine.