Symbolic Interaction

In this modern era, media play a crucial role In our dally lives. Medal has strongly Impacted people’s perceptions. People are easily Influenced by media emotionally, intellectually, and behaviorally. The world tends to change with the direction of media. Film Is a type of media, which acts as a powerful tool that can compellingly Impact massive audiences. Film affects audiences’ perceptions with elements, such as: dialogue, light, sound, music, color, time, and space.

These components are combined onscreen to powerfully Impact audiences’ perceptions. Therefore, It would be wonderful If we could use film as a way to make people think positively through persuasion techniques. The use of the theory Symbolic Interaction would provide an ideal concept to achieve this goal . Symbolic Interactions is a perspective of creating shared symbols in our society; people think a certain way about the given symbols and tend to react accordingly (Blamer, 1969).In choosing a movie in which characters are influenced by symbolic interactions, and the effects that labeling has on the characters one of those films that come to mind is the 1991 vie “Boozy n the Hood”, in which John Singleton’s the director was able to give us a glimpse of social problems in inner-city Los Angles in which three friends growing up together ‘in the ‘hood.

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‘ It shows how the environment of two brothers Doughy and Risky Baker affects each other’s personality, and shows how living in the hood is tough and not the greatest place to grow up.The other youth that the movie follows in a guy by the name of Risky which is considered the ‘All-American’ athlete, which he has admirations and dreams of winning a football scholarship and get out of the hood. This is not the case for Doughy Page 3 towards the end of the movie he is succumbs to his environment and turns to drugs and violence. He was the statistic of living in a low class environment which was high In crime.The effects that labeling has on the characters are they are considered hood, lower class, and youths that get into trouble by being involved in drugs and other dangerous activities. Those that grow up In this type of neighborhoods have a higher rate of Joining gangs and engaging In criminal activities.

There are those however In the movie that is able to make something of themselves and live above he normal stereotypes, but this Is abnormal for children that are growing up In this In conclusion a movie that relates how characters are Influenced by environment. Hemolytic Interactions, and effects that labeling has on them Is “Boys n the Hood”, which shows both symbolic Interactions and labeling. The movie portrayed the social problem of Inner city Los Angles, which detailed the dally trial and tribulations of youth living In a lower class environment.

Just Like all big cycles there are those areas Tanat are affected Dye drugs, gangs, prostitution, Ana crime wanly are consolable lower class crimes. These crimes are a reality that youth face on day to day bases.