Western moms inferior, Chinese mom superior? Western mothers are accused of doting, praising, and encouraging their children to be the best they can be. They also encourage them to pursue their true passions and desires. By following philosophy your child should grow up to be a happy, successful person. But maybe not.

According to Chinese mom, Amy Chaw, you do not dote on your children you praise only when perfect otherwise it is unacceptable and they can only be the best. You should also override any passions or desires that they have.One parenting style encourage the child to live a life that makes them happy and the other pushes for perfection by any means necessary. No excuses allowed. There are good arguments for both sides.

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Chinese mothers have produced many child prodigies but at what cost? The Western mothers might not be pushing hard enough. By comparing these two articles “Mother Inferior” and “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” Let us see if we can come to a happy medium. Does the definition of happy mean perfecting whatever your parents tell you to or Is it being able to pursue your own desires? Http://Polaris.

Much. Du/sec/tutorials/loincloths/ There are endless techniques to raising children. Some ways are considered too stern, some techniques are stated to be too soft (loose and carefree) and then there is the parenting that labeled “wrong” and Ineffective. But, with such a sensitive topic, how can you deem one concept better than the other? After reading “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” and “Mother Inferior” I have come to the conclusion that; although, these two mothers have two extremely different concepts to raising their children, they both have been effective.