Team research and development group. The applicant must

Team up with others to fabricate, assemble, form, finishand inspect a variety of structured and non-structured fiberglass, acrylic andother composite and metal parts, tools and assemblies.Participate in improving product quality on the idea ofnew product design. Work from drawings, materials, processing specifications,quality management requirements, and established processes and procedures, toensure the timely delivery of quality products to customers.

Performmulti-tasking and multi-machine operation when applicable “Composite TechnicianX job, Kinston, North Carolina, n.d).Job Summary and Requirements:Our company needs an experienced composite technician forthe research and development group. The applicant must be knowledgeable is allfacets of composite material layup, bagging techniques, and oven and autoclavecuring. The technician should be able to perform composite break out and trimthe composite parts to engineering specification. The technician should befamiliar with Microsoft Office software so that the appropriate documentations,schedules, and planning can be made.Job Duties·        Lay-up and final bagging of composite parts.·        Worked with fiberglass and graphite materials.

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·        Utilized overhead crane to unload parts.·        Experienced in the operation of computer electronicinformation.·        Must verify work performed is per workinstruction and meets process and/or engineering specification.

·        Support the continuous flow of products in theproduction process by training and supporting employees at all levels ofclassification.·        Cross trains in inspection and becomes MVPCertified qualified for QA buy-off.·        The knowledge and skills in blueprint readingQualifying SkillsTo provide the best assistance toemployees the individual selected should be both technically skills and canprovide on-the-job training in most aspects of the job requirements.

Level AGeneral Statement – Repair MechanicPerform repairs in an FAA approved repair station, workto manual repair structure, component maintenance manuals and aircraftmaintenance manuals, as well as repair instructions that are approved. Otherterms from the manufacturer or airline customer. Team with others to performmaintenance, repair and overhaul to a wide range of structured andnon-structured fiberglass, acrylic and other metals, working from the manual.Approved repair and documentation, technical processes, quality controlrequirements, drawings and procedures, to ensure the timely delivery of qualityproducts to customers.Perform multi-tasking working tasks required as compositeoperation where applicable:·        “Demonstrates technical expertise in fabricatingassemblies, reworks and repairs nonmetallic parts, assemblies and aircraftapplying knowledge of working characteristics of nonmetallic materials andbonding techniques.·        Mix catalysts into resins and saturate cloth andmats with composite mixtures.·        Use brushes or hands to press layers ofsaturated mats or cloth into molds.·        Select precut fiberglass mats, cloth, andwood-bracing materials to transform into composites.·        Check completed composite products to ensurethey meet manufacturing specifications and lack defects such as bubbles or”dead spots” that may have formed on the object during the molding process.·        Cure materials by letting them set at roomtemperature, placing them under heat lamps, or baking them in ovens.Repair or modify defective glass-fiber parts