Technologies desire to excel, through theoretical studies and

Technologies close the realms ofscience fiction; Ideas that were impossible to achieve in the years to come;questions that inadvertently resulted in complicated solutions, aroused thecuriosity in me and motivated to explore the boundaries of imagination.

Thespark of taking up new challenges had ignited in me, and led me sub-consciouslyto seek answers. Never disheartened or discouraged at failures,I envisionedplans for a great future. In order to march into future, I needed vigour anddesire to excel, through theoretical studies and practical experience.

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Ipossess sufficient drive and impetus to create a technologically advancedtomorrow by offering my share through the medium of graduate studies.Everyone’s school days have thememories they can cherish and treasure for life. In my school days, I haddeveloped keen interest in the subject of mathematics and science, whichenabled me to maintain high academic standards as a student which enhanced myanalytical and quantitative skills.

My family had been a considerable supporterall the time. We played games which were related to mental arithmetic anddiscussed some intriguing math problems at our spare time. I enjoyed sharing myown perspective of solving math problems and always helped other students withtheir math. I became even famous in my school as a math assistor. These are myareas of strength which have helped me very strongly in acquiring 87.5% in mytenth grade. I passed out my senior secondary school with 89% in physics, 90%in mathematics and 85% in chemistry. My overall percentage in class 12 was81.

6%. I have always felt a strong need for achievement which has been themotivating force behind whatever I have achieved at my academic career.Given my love towards science andtechnology, pursuing study in the engineering field seemed as a naturalextrapolation of my abilities and interest. To study the programme, I had toovercome many a hurdle- such as common entrance examination which I had to takealongside thousands of students. I passed the examination with flying colors, beingplaced among the top 10% of all the students who had written the examinationthrough which I could cherish my dream of getting into the stream of MECHANICALENGINEERING in VidyaVardhaka College of Engineering affiliated to theprestigious Visveswaraya Technological University based in Karnataka. Myinterest in mechanical engineering is actually an old one. It first began atthe age of 12 when I first accompanied my father to work who serves as aMechanical supervisor in government run organization, South western railways.He showed me all the different engines, spray jets and machinery.

Although Iwasn’t old enough to fully comprehend what I saw, I was nevertheless dumbfounded by it. Ever since that day I have become determined to pursue a careerin mechanical engineering. I would have never come this far without the help ofmy father.

He is truly the most influential character in my life; my source ofmotivation. Moreover he taught me how to adapt to both the changes andcompetition that I will face due to the eventual shift in my career from adilettante to a professional. He also taught me to never give up and that nomatter how hard achieving something may look like; the juice will always beworth the squeeze. If you ask a sailor where is Polaris he will probably pointat a star some place in the sky. However my Polaris is my father.

He is whatguides me in the darkest of nights, my fuel that keeps me going when I nolonger can. My undergraduate program hasprovided a thorough exposure to the various specialties available in Mechanicalengineering, thus stimulating interest in advanced research. I have acquired astrong background in the fundamentals of basic mechanical engineering subjectslike thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, Solid mechanics, mechanicalvibrations, Fluid mechanics, CAD/CAM etc. I have also had an introduction tospecialized areas like finite element methods and operations research.

My undergraduation has been a rewarding experience as I got numerous chances to visitindustries to gain a close look at application of mechanics and its relatedtheories. I possess immense quest for knowledge which enabled me to score morethan 90% marks in practical labs of all the above mentioned courses. During myfinal year of my bachelor’s degree, I undertook a project – Design andfabrication of an automatic page turner for the quadriplegic, which was wellreceived and appreciated by the department professors and H.

O.D as well. I wasthe project leader and learned how to overcome numerous practical difficultiesin the implantation of ideas and tasks with limited resources. It requiredresearch in terms of establishing an experimental setup.

I successfullycompleted the project on time with the guidance of technical experts in mycollege. In my point of view, I feel that extracurricular activities are asimportant as studies in estimating a person’s overall capacity. As a footballplayer, representing the university and playing for the Mysore divisionfootball association (MDFA), I am in a position that many athletes would covet.I feel that I have evolved into a dynamic person due to my commitment toextracurricular activities at the highest level.

My undergraduate degree has left mewith a keen sense of appreciation for the need for evolution of engineering andtechnology. Being a prospective student for new challenging ideas, I believethat an opportunity for higher education would be a unique fortuity to test andprove my ability and also to enrich and broaden my keen with transition to newsetting. At this juncture of career, I feel that my educational andprofessional qualification coupled with opportunities arising out of tremendousindustrialization have reinforced my goals and have developed a keen desire inme to pursue master’s course in Mechanical engineering from your university,which would definitely equip me with comprehensive and specialized skills as anoutcome of rigorous training in all aspects.

A master’s degree will furtherequip me with intellectual depth and breadth along with greater practicalknowledge to face the professional and leadership challenges I will face in mycareer. I perceive that graduate study nurtures the seeds of learning sownduring the course of under graduation. Browsing through the informationgiven on the website, I feel that the graduate study at —— holds a lot ofpromise to the breadth and depth of the courses coupled with stimulatingresearch environment seem to me the right mix of seminal work and pioneeringresearch.

I am highly impressed with the accomplished faculty members,environment and the facilities the university has to offer its students. Afterhaving gone through the research facilities available at your university, I feelthat they are very much catering to the fields of interest and it is the rightplace to embark upon my academic career. I would like to say in theconclusion that the essence of university education lies in the synergeticrelationship between the department and the students. I believe that graduatestudy at your university would help me best with my academic pursuits and is amajor step towards achieving my objectives.

I am confident that I have thecapability to contribute positively towards your esteemed University and withgreat hope. I eagerly wait for your benevolent act of accepting me into yourfold and granting me an admission in my desired course.