Technology Is the Center of this Generation’s Lifestyle Technology Is the center of this generation’s lifestyle. That should mean that we can use this new and beneficial technology to our advantage, to make our lives easier In many aspects, read up and fill ourselves with useful knowledge In the click of a button, right? It’s frustrating when something that can be a great tool, turns Into a negative feature. Unfortunately that’s what’s happening with technology, we are losing the ability to socially interact with each other anywhere else except through a hone or computer.

People don’t notice the harm technology is doing to our lives. They feel it is fine to interact more through a computer than in person. Those are the people that are taking what technology was designed for and exaggerating it to actually make it more useless than useful. Any kind of technology used to communicate was intended to set up meetings and appointments, easily tell a person when you are running late, or tell someone anything important quickly. No one is saying that’s all you should use technology for; there can obviously be a balance teen the two, as long as one doesn’t get carried away.

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More is not always better. That is the case with technology, it’s hard to see that such a useful thing can become less and less useful when it is purpose drains away from a commodity and leans towards redundancy. Social norms are changing rapidly because of this. People do not interact the same with each other because they are used to conversing more through a computer or phone than in person. The stronger technology gets, the more people will lose personal contact with others and be in the same realm of communicating only through devices.

Nobody will deny that technology is an addicting everyday action, that’s one of the biggest problems; we seem to be too busy to have personal contact, even if we aren’t. “Our generation is obsessed with online trends, which can be damaging. ” (Owens) Often times we are checking our phone or computer for missed call, text, or email, even when we are around others. Not only are we not really checking much, we are also neglecting the person In front of us, we are sending a message saying that whatever we are doing on our phone Is more Important than personal contact with the actual person you are with.

It can be really addicting, especially at times of boredom, or times when one doesn’t really want to do something they really should do. They rather check their phone to see what’s going on with their friends or call them and chat, this makes getting around to more important things very difficult and can make technology take a big toll on your life when you start making it a bad habit. It was made to help make our lives easier, and it has, but the real question is if technology has done more harm than good.

There are many benefits to technology helping us communicate, but there are also very genealogy has “made people lazy, overexposure has lead to internet addiction and it has made man overly dependent on it. ” (Classy) People rather communicate through a device than have personal contact, and we see that it is only getting worse as technology advances.