Technology portability to individual and merchandise. Transportation utilized

Technology has two fold edged sword;if it used in the good way it get advantages to the public, and the abuse themprogress toward becoming damage. The effect of technology on society issignificant; it made life simple.

However, everything turn out to be soeffectively available because of technology, they lost their esteem. Withimprovements in technology, we might have the capacity to appreciate every oneof extravagances of life.On the negative side to being withcontamination, electronic waste isn’t generally discarded appropriately makingdangerous effects. Also, people dependent totally on technology; they scarcelyraise their heads from laptops or TV. Finally, its increased the weight,individual are investing more energy in computer games, in this way they spentless time for being dynamic. As well its enhance correspondence,it has distraught the world a little town. Individual use technology to spenttime with each other.

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Electronic media like radios, TV, web social media have enhanced the way we tradethoughts which can build up our social orders and can be using to influenceengage and educate the general public. Also, technology was incorporated inmany schools with an incredible point of enhancing the way which student learn.Smart whiteboards, computers, mobile phones, projectors, all this have madelearning portable.Technology has positive and negativeeffect. On the positive side, it enhance transportation which is one of themechanical movement.

Both society and organization have profited from the new transportation.Strategies transportation gives portability to individual and merchandise.Transportation utilized vehicles, trains, plans, motorbikes.

Technology made our nation moresecure and our life less demanding; however, the way society using technologyto get particular objective promote negative effect of technology on thegeneral public. Depending on apparatus things has turned into a danger to theway of life to the kids and they are driving their life out of the presentreality they should involvement.Technology influences individual everywherethroughout the world, in these days it has turned into essential thing to getout live going. We use technology rely upon technology in our day by day lifeand our needs and requests for technology continue rising.