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Table of Contents Assumptions about our Company We are Faded the world’s largest multinational express transportation company. Problem Statement of Peeped HER Department Currently in Faded, we have only paper-based programs to bring out the best in our stuff.

We want to make all our paper-based programs to automated programs to ensure that our employees are optimally maximized, so that they can deliver impeccable Service to our clients Who Will give us the Profit necessary for Faded to be successful. The manual programs we have are Awards Program and Idea Program.We want to boost our employee satisfaction, morale and engagement in the most effective and efficient way.

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About USPS LISPS is a postal service company with an employee size of 707,000 employees located in 80 geographically distributed HER (Human Resources) offices. Summary of the LISPS Case Study This case study discusses how LISPS recognizes employees’ efforts and how LISPS provides every employee with equal, readily available and transparent access to information and opportunities in an efficient and effective manner.Problem Statement of SHIPS SHIPS HER Offices were doing things old-school way – paper-based programs for managing employee satisfaction and responding to their requests, which proved inconsistency and ineffectiveness. This pressured the LISPS HER Organization to streamline operations to reduce costs and administrative burdens and thus explored the option of electronic HER suite (err).Objectively, the err suite is expected to raise the HER performance of the USPS in several ways: improve the current awarding program, make collaboration easier among employees, and create an automated efficient and fair way to reassign employees and enhance information accessibility regarding benefits among all levels Of employees. 2.

0 Lisp’s e-Solutions (the 4 Programs) In aligned to USPS objectives mentioned above, SHIPS developed and automated four programs: the rewards Program, elodeas Program, reassign Program and lastly the Benefits Online Program. Implementing these four programs was advantageous for LISPS.The benefits USPS gained out of the four automated programs were the following: HER processes were streamlined and standardized across the 80 countries, Saved a lot of time and reduce hassle of HER administrative processes, Abele to compete more effectively for global talent, Improved service and access to data for employees and managers for global access to HER benefits and greater transparency regardless Of dispersed location, Provided real-time data and information to allow decision-makers to spot talents and manage the workforce more effectively, Enabled HER to transform so it can play a more strategic role in the business. A.LEARNING FROM THE USPS CASE (What USPS has done well overall? )


Only by understanding the users/customers of the Human Resource Information System (HAIR) the technical possibilities, the software solution parameters, and the systems implementation process increase the probability that the completed software installation or integration will adequately meet the needs of the Human Resource Management (HARM) function and the organization.

SHIPS has identified the critical and the core aspects of capitalizing human capital. The programs they have automated are significant changes to boost employees’ morale.Each of the program implementation has led to implement another program like a systematic waterfall approach. The vaporization of programs implementation is a critical component for executing such big technological changes across the company and SHIPS has done well as a non-technological company. LISPS has understood what its people- employees’ urgent needs and demands are and have implemented the right programs for employees to work effectively.

1. 1 E-Awards Program e-Awards program uses information technology to automate the collection of performance data making nomination and approval processes much easier for managers.As availability of real-time data, managers are now able to provide ore timely feedback, which motivates superior service and eventually satisfying and encouraging employees to work harder. 1. 2 IDEAS Program e-IDEAS program encourages innovation, creativity and increases employee engagement, as employees now tee’ more enthusiastic to submit new ideas via online, SHIPS has received 850 new ideas within the first nine months of implementation. This automated program helps LISPS to develop its employees’ talent and innovation and make employees feel valued as employees are awarded for brilliant ideas via the e-Awards program.In addition it facilitates s an encouraging avenue for employees to make a positive difference in their own jobs and as well as improve the performance of postal service. This is a sustainable well-integrated and packaged program for developing and managing employees’ talent and innovation, which is a viable strategy.

I _3 Reassign program SHIPS has not only focused on recognizing employees’ efforts and developing employees’ talent but has moved one step ahead of retaining employees by giving them vast opportunities to pursue Other job openings Within the company geographic locations.Reassign program is an online platform for employees to access opportunities anytime in the most convenient, and standardized manner, which ensures fairness of selection process is maintained with high regards. This program helps to prevent employees to job-hop to Other companies and also they have more flexibility and freedom to do what they love to do, enabling continued employment and job/career advancement.

1. 4 Benefits online Program One of the most significant changes of SHIPS has been the “demagnification” of HER data – rapid expansion of access to such data by different groups within the organization.Today USPS has diverse range of employees and with technology enabling HER systems and infrastructure: LISPS has managed to allow access benefits information to specific targeted users with different individual needs.

In addition to meeting the needs of diverse user categories, the program also has been designed in such a way that it can accommodate several methods of accessibility rights and authorization to access the benefits information. This provides a single, targeted and customized access point for each employee to access the resources and data relevant to his or her own personal situation and job.With these four programs, LISPS has successfully driven employee- enteric communications by peeling away the bureaucratic layers to give employees a closer and more rewarding relationship and experience with USPS


Every HAIR project, successful implementation is the central goal and it Starts with a key step of comprehensive design plan or methodology. This is absolutely an essential step in any business process and especially in the design of any large-scale software or technological implementation involving multiple- process interfaces and systems.

Lisp’s robust planning framework has enabled he implementation team to identify decision-making parameters early for unforeseen difficulties and complexities that it would face along the path toward successful implementation.


Implementing any new information systems represent an immense change trot the way processes and decisions were previously made. To facilitate that end, it is important to understand the existing processes before starting any implementation. LISPS has understood its current processes and has streamlined the current processes with new processes effectively.The idea of nominations Ewing uploaded into a central payroll system is a clear thought through process implementation. Such streamlined processes reduce both time and costs for SHIPS SHIPS was able to reduce time spent on the award nomination process by nearly from months to just few days.

Integrating rewards program with central payroll system is really a strategic move by SHIPS as data regarding performance now can seamlessly flow to compensation or payroll system for use by managers as they make the decisions.Overall, LISPS has understood its current processes well in order to link, reengineering and implement relevant unction’s together effectively via ERR Suite from a systematic kick at processes and removed duplication of effort and process that are no longer necessary, to achieve employee performance and satisfaction.


USPS as a postal service company has adequately understood the technological infrastructure and implementation for each program and has designed and customized well to its needs and demands.

USPS was capable to identify its limitations and challenges and the implementation team – project leaders worked around well through the challenges. . 1 Software implementation SHIPS used relevant sophisticated technologies but yet simple technologies that can be used by any employees intuitively and effectively. LISPS has incorporated automated workflow, reminder functions that improve day-to-day activities in HER Departments. These functions greatly reduce costs and significantly improve the quality of data management and HER processes.At the same time, a variety of safeguards rules and policies are implemented to protect highly confidential data, making sure they are in compliance with privacy and security especially hen external Internet is being allow to access company data.

LISPS ensures that by asking employees to log onto the site with their employee ID and a four-digit personal identification number and also with the help of Authorial HER software, Which both helps to identify and authorize key stakeholders.4. Customization LISPS was capable to customize its needs and demands With HER Software and tools. Customization has enabled the software to match the organization’s process more closely. LISPS has chosen the right customizable technological software capabilities that are capable of integrating with legacy systems as heir employee information resides in multiple legacy systems. Furthermore its’ customizable implementation also ensures flexibility to integrate with additional applications and systems as the need arises which is definitely a needed strategic move of USPS.


Lisp’s definite success to be acknowledged is Change Management.

Technology installation and process redesign add no value unless people – its employees are willing and able to use them. Ultimate project success is reliant on people changing behavior, SHIPS credible and reliable user acceptance tests have successfully made such large implementation possible and sustainable. Lastly, SHIPS has convinced and trained its employees well to adapt to the new technological environment. B.


Automated systems or online platforms cannot replace skilled staff members. There might be a potential temptation for HER Policy makers to view websites or automated programs as a way to reduce or eliminate HER personnel from all aspects of HER administration. The ERR Suite can automate basic transactions, educate employees and create efficiencies in HER administration. At the same mime, an ERR Suite is not as effective in dealing with the inevitable exceptions to policies or situations, Which availability Of HER experts Will be more applicable.

Systems are not good humans and hence they are not empathetic, thus a site or automated program can never completely replace a skilled professional. Another pitfall of technological enabling is that organization may tend to depend exclusively on the automated systems and sites to communicate complex information. The programs like Benefits Online can be a rich source of information to employees, but it should not be the only source. Benefits today re more complicated and sophisticated than before, leading to say there might be potential confusion or chaos among the employees.

Thus, HER Department should be aware that employees may not be capable to make sense of the information and rules from the online platforms and may need to speak with HER personnel to assist them in understanding the information and choices they will face. C. CONCLUSION Our firm’s future strategies for HER Department (Are we Ready for ERR? ) Given the employee size and the complexity of our environment I believe we can transform our HER Department through technology. We can start off with impel and feasible implementation, like the award programs and Idea.

We can incorporate some ideas and tools from SHIPS to kick-off execution Evidently, from the LISPS case research, HAIR have dramatically altered how HER services are managed and delivered. HAIR can make HER staff more efficient, better informed and better able to communicate how they add value to the business if technology is used effectively. As the case illustrates that combination Of effective HER management processes with effective HER technology enabling tools are likely to be more productive and more profitable than those that do not.