The Use of Technology

This kind of genealogy helps meet the client needs and provide services more efficiently. Human services help all type of people. An example, the elderly population is one that faces barriers, but technological applications are used to overcome these barriers.

By not using the proper technology, human services must be aware of barriers that hinder services, accurateness, and proficiency. By making use of technology, human services can process information, store information, and convert changes steadily/securely and carefully, It can also save money in the torture tort the client and organization.

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Applications of Technology

Technology may not always be beneficial, especially when refereeing to the elderly, but by using the proper technology certain barriers can be eliminated.

Elderly faces barriers like providing the right services, planning programs, and funding troubles. At some point, it blessed with a long life, everyone will become a member of this population. Altercate involves emotional support and a variety of other services, including financial assistance. Like many populations, the elderly adults of today’s society often face unmet needs when left on their win, especially when they know little of technology.Providers believe that technology is a need to help the elderly population live With superiority and With dignity in there last stages. When people think about the elderly, they think about the following: decline in health, physicality, more disabilities, and loss Of cognition skills. It does not ease the pain knowing that the elderly are not up- to-date with modern technology.

The Internet plays an increasingly important role in access to information and communication for the elderly. Technology lows the elderly to live an independent life for as long as possible.The elderly population depends on the link with informal and formal network resources with their human service assistance. Technology break barriers for the health care providers and help find resources for affordable prices. Example of the Use of Technology and Barriers It is important for human services to establish a plain on day-to-day bases because organization should identity task done every day to organize and categorize.

Many human service profession use spreadsheets. Spreadsheets old important information about the health and performance of businesses.It holds information like name, age, address, numbers, and important contact about the clients, care provider, and family members. According to Digital Work Tool: The human resources department is known as using a lot of forms and documents as a significant component Of the HRS function; however, spreadsheets, particularly designated human resources spreadsheets are not as common as Other types Of forms. They are great for managing people, their time, and allocating staff resources throughout a company or organization (Digital Work Tool, p. 1) These types of tools can be helpful to keep track of agencies that can benefit the elderly.

For example: local, state, and federal agencies. It can also keep track of assistance like home assistance and Medicare. Providers are able to get information of a particular area/location and find services available in specific counties for the client, Allowing clients and families to submit surveys, suggestions, and reviews is beneficial for the organization to progress (spreadsheet programs allow this by mailing surveys to the clients or family). A Powering presentation is a form of a slide show. This can help with reminiscence and perception.

As people age, they tend to forget simply because of cognition disability. Using pictures on a Powering it can help an elderly remember how to do a simple task like cooking, getting dress, clean, etc. Presentation and word process can be useful to present graphs and keep track on programs, finances, community, and other important information.

Mobile phones are also useful for the elderly because it is an easy way to gain communication faith someone else. It allows the elderly to stay in touch with their family all over the world. It allows the elderly to call 911 or any other help if an emergency is presented.Now-and-days, the elderly hue a device that he or she can put around his or her neck and once he or she needs help him or she clicks on the button and the police, firefighters, and ambulances Will come to his or her location. There are devices that can remind an elderly to take a medication, appointment, and even when to eat. Certain devices as mentioned above can give the person exact location if an emergency arises.

Human service eave people who can train the elderly in these devices and also train them how to use the computer if needed (providers are aware of the limitations that some elderly may have).Another barrier can be the expenses because not all agencies offer free training or services. It is important for families or caregivers to research the Internet for free training and be able to call for services, Economic security, age discrimination, and health care are top priorities when working with this group and these older individuals should know who their informal support is and how to access them. Internal networks fill in the gaps footfall agencies by providing the intimate care only loved ones can give, including emotional aid, social support, caring, understanding, hope, and friendship.This can help break down the financial barriers. However, in today’s society, much of the elderly population enter nursing homes where they can receive the care they need once they can no longer care for These facilities provide care for the aging and supply services such as medical attention, exercise, and recreation. Case managers work close with nurses and clergy to help with end- of-life issues, To resolve he financial barriers, an advocate should be appointed to make sure that the elderly is getting the services he or she needs for free or affordable care.They ensure that the caregiver is meeting the client’s needs through phone calls, home visits, interviews, and reassessments (all at affordable price or free).

Advocates use all the necessary technology in order to get the client connected to the right services. Conclusion These technologies can break down barriers such as housing, financial, medical, and social, food, and hospice because they allow a person to research efferent services and applies for them. It also allows people to keep record of important information and keep track of progress being made.Like many special populations, the elderly adults of today’s society often face unmet needs when left on their own.

When a need is identified and human services become involved, an opportunity presents itself, Human services break down barriers for the elderly through the use of technology. They help provide affordable services as well as identify informal resources to save money. Human services can assist tit training of technology and support through other formal and informal links.