The #1 Governor to get things done regardless

The Governors position of Louisiana is a commanding position to take on, not only because of its background information but also because of the support behind the position. (Howard & Norrell, 2017, Louisiana since c. 1900, para.

1) The gubernatorial appointment tactic has been used since the first beginnings of Louisiana, although this method caused many many disagreements, it sparked a great reign of power in the Government. Among the many problems that occured from these actions, there were taxation deficits. The first appointed governor, Huey Long, has not been a class act Citizen to begin with but throughout the years of his term he became someone they loved and loathed. (Howard & Norrell, 2017, Louisiana since c. 1900, para. 2) When he first obtained political power, it was seen that he would be trouble. He used multiple techniques that were not common in the eyes of the Louisiana House of Representatives.

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During his reign of government, many elected officials wanted him out of office. They even sought impeachment. (Latson, 2015, para.2) Until his assassination in 1935, Huey Long took over as the #1 Governor to get things done regardless of his actions in office.

(Howard & Norrell, 2017, Louisiana since c. 1900,  p. 2) With the help and support citizens and surrounding areas, Huey Long’s organization helped the upbringing of the towns.

They introduced the very stepping stones it took to make Louisiana the state it is today. Long’s team brought education, welfare, and built multiple new assets valuable to the state. (Howard & Norrell, 2017, Louisiana since c. 1900, para. 2) These new additions helped Louisiana in the long run even now, present day 2018. (Howard & Norrell, 2017,Louisiana since c. 1900,  para.

2) The politics in Louisiana have stayed the same but also changed dramatically. (Howard & Norrell, 2017,Louisiana since c. 1900,  p. 2) With Louisiana being a Republican state, politics and the election of Republican members in the government started enduring a cutthroat process. (Howard & Norrell, 2017,Louisiana since c.

1900,  p. 2) In the republican party of louisiana,  membership is open the citizens who reside in the state and they welcome those who aren’t usually associated the the same beliefs as the republicans. (“Republican Party of Louisiana,” n.d., para.7)  The republican party of louisiana is sturdy and dependable, and should lead the state with all in favor. This refers to the acceptance of all who are under its protection as citizens of louisiana.

For many years louisiana has been through the ringer but somehow recovers each time. Many different types of catastrophes, from the great flood of 1927 to Hurricane Katrina, has happened but has not stopped Louisiana.  Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana on August 29, 2005, this day put a true damper on anyone that was involved. To this day, roughly 13 years later, Hurricane Katrina happens to be the most expensive natural disaster costing around $100 billion dollars and took close to 2,000 lives. (Kamenetz, 2015, Hurricane Katrina, para.1) New Orleans is now at the top of  Americas #1 fastest growing cities even after being hit with Hurricane Katrina at its heart.

Although the workforce has yet to return to where they were Pre-Katrina, there is progress everyday. (Soergel, 2015, para. 34) The states constitution and us constitution are similar in many ways. Along with the US constitution, the state constitutions differ in laws depending on its origin and state. The states constitution has many different laws that are specific to each state that’s not in the united states constitution.

(“State Constitution vs. The United States Constitution, 2013, para 2-3)  Many laws direct and help the welfare of its citizens. Making sure they are covered for whatever happens. Louisiana specifically has laws put in place for everything a state needs from public health to education. Statistics show that in those areas Louisiana is #45 in public health and #46 in education from a national ranking. (“Louisiana,” n.d., Education)Those numbers are evidently really high but they have come down over the years.

The lowest number with it being #1 is in child wellness visits. (“Louisiana,” n.d., Health Care) Louisiana is a caring state they just need to push a little harder.

In conclusion, Louisiana is a steady in recovery state. The state alone has been through alot since its first acceptance into the United States. Louisiana is a wonderful, complex state that started with nothing and blossomed into a thriving city. Through its stern governors whose actions made the state what it is now to the disasters that followed.

Many thought the state wasn’t going to make it when its upbringing was first initiated, but through hardwork and perseverance and outside help from outside sources Louisiana is up at the top with wonderful cities and peoples.