The 7,000-Mile Trip

The frigid Atlantic ocean made my feet freeze immediately. I didn’t mind the discomfort because I was ready to kick off the trip of a lifetime. My brother David and my two step sisters, Gloria and Caroline, seemed to have the same mentality, as they were right by my side to let the waves crash over our feet. My dad and step-mother joined us, perhaps more reluctantly, but the idea for the trip stemmed from the minute action of physically putting our feet in the water. The next day my family would embark on the longest and most exciting trip that we had ever experienced.

I got off the school bus one day to find a massive 32’ RV sitting in my driveway. My father hadn’t told me about his plan for the trip until after he surprised us with the big white box. It smelled of mildew, the linoleum floor was stained, but it was still a drivable house. The plan was to visit many national landmarks along the way, and subsequently end the trip by putting our feet in the Pacific Ocean before making the 3,500-mile trip back to New Hampshire. I couldn’t even predict what encounters might occur along such a road trip. All in all, the actual trip was far more than I could have ever imagined.

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I was slightly worried it was going to be a lot of driving, staring at corn fields, and getting in fights with my siblings. As it turns out I would find a new respect for our planet Earth, and subsequently for my family too, who was there to experience it with me. On the way to the Pacific, we would take a route along the northern half of the USA, stopping at locations such as The Great Lakes, Custer State Park, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park and finally the Redwood Forest on the west coast. One of the most memorable destinations was Custer State Park.

I assume it was the most exciting because it was the first of the main national parks that we visited. The landscape was a sight I had never seen before. There were green rolling hills, cov..