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The world is changing at a fast pace and the advancement oftechnology has a big role to play. Its a worldwhere you can write enticing pitches and make compelling creativesthat speaks the voice of a particular brand, speaks of yourimaginations, speaks of you. But in such a world, we need wand makersmore than we need spell chanters. So if you think you can curate eyecatching graphics in a jiffy and have your whole attention to minutedetails, Voila! You grabbed it, you are a graphic designer. But getting hired by any organization won’t come easy until you polish your skills and are capable enough to get through the cut throat competition.Do you know the things you should keep in mind once you tread down thiscreative route? Well, read on:CommunicationThe power to convey your perspective to the masses, requires decentcommunication skills. Your art may be visually appealing, but does it convey the intended message your brand wants to? Make sure your work is in line with the voice of the brand or your clients.CreativityGraphic Designing is much more than producing appealing creatives. Itrequires extreme sense of creativity as you only have texts andimages to convey one message. In order to put out the mostcompelling message that will force your audience to buy theproduct or say take the action, one must rack thebrain to get their creative juices flowing. It ain’t coming easy, you gotta think outside the box.KnowledgeUnderstanding the nuances of art is another aspect that plays a vital role! Do you look at a picture and figure out whats wrong with it? Which are the changes that need to be made to get your design going? If you know the answers, you know colours, you know art. Knowledge! thats the key to creativity. Well you need to be mindful beyond the brands expectations. Ability to meet deadlinesWe understand creating designs is not an easy process, but theprofessional world is where the market is competitive and one needsto be on the toes at all times to deliver great designs in time. You need to be a multi-tasker, keep the thought process on and keep a track of those timelines.To work hand in hand with multiple clients you have to fulfilltheir requirements at designated time periods.Developing such skills and emphasizing them in the resume will help oneto meet the job requirement of any organization that is hiring a GraphicDesigner.Did you know? We at Postbox Communications are on a look out for aGraphic Ninja who apart from having kick ass designing skills, alsopossess a tad bit of humour. If you think you fit the bill, mail usyour updated resume and assignments to [email protected] or Contact us at 982015491.