The and political activities. In 1967 he was

original name of Ya?ar Kemal is Kemal Sad?k Gökçeli. His family from the
village of Ernis (today Ünseli) near the lake of Van, and he was born in the
Hemite village of the Kadirli township of Osmaniye in 1926, where he settled
after a long migration due to the Russian occupation of the First World War.
His birth year is 1923 in some biographies.

          After leaving the secondary school as
a senior student, he became an inspector in the field of windlass, wrestling,
teacher training, library officer, tractor driving, paddy fields.

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In the
beginning of the 1940s, he established relationships with left-leaning artists
and writers such as Pertev Nairi Boratav, Abidin Dino and Arif Dino; when he
was 17 years old, he experienced his first detention because of political
reasons. In 1943 he published his first book, A??tlar, a forklore compilation.
After his military service, he worked as a gas control officer in a French Gas
Company in istanbul, where he was in 1946. In 1948, he returned Kadirli, for a
while he was still in control of the rice fields, then served as a prosecutor.
He arrested in 1950 because of the assertion about propaganda of Communism.
After leaving prison in 1951, he went to Istanbul. Between 1951-63worked as an
anecdote and interview writer in the republican newspaper. In 1952, the first
book of the story Sar? S?cak was published, and in 1955, the novel ?nce Memed
was published which had been translated into more than forty language. In 1962,
he worked as a general board member and a member of the executive board of the
Turkish Workers’ Party. He has been prosecuted several times because of his
writings and political activities. In 1967 he was one of the founders of the
weekly political magazine Ant. He participated in the foundation of the Union
of Turkey Writers and assumed the first general presidency between 1974-75. He
became the first president of PEN writers Association which is founded in 1988.
He was tried and enforced at The State Security Court in Istanbul because of an
article he wrote in Der Spiegel in 1995. He was sentenced to 1 year and 8
months in prison because another post in Index on Censorship in the same year,
but his sentence was postponed. Ya?ar Kemal is the leading name not only in the
Turkish novel but also in world literature with his imagination, understanding
of the depths of the human soul, and the poetry of his narration. He has
received many awards and honorary doctoral prizes abroad as well as the awards
he has received in Turkey such as International Cino del Duca prize, Legion
d’Honneur Grand Officer degree by French Republic and etc. Finally, he had the
”Bjorson Prize” of Norwegian Academy of Literature and Freedom of Expression
which is given the name of Norwegian famous national poet Bjornstjerne Bjornson
in November, 2013. On February 28, 2015, Ya?ar Kemal died in ?stanbul.