The bad things that happen in life. As

The transition between innocence and experience may happen
in a short period of time, and it is ultimately necessary. Children are innocence. According to the dictionary innocence
means that the quality of not having much experience of life and not knowing
about the bad things that happen in life. As time go by, children grow into adult. Force by the reality the face
the horrible real world. The world that were one told by older generation,
promise of bright, kind, full if peace and innocence world. However, the truth
is, real world is dark, cruel and full of conflict and war. Millions of
people around the word have been in a situation that has transitioned them from
innocence to experience, no matter they are willing or not. The illusions of childhood are
destroyed once experience is


In the story ‘The Stolen Party’, our protagonist, Rosaura believes the nature of people are good. However, her unwilling and unknowing makes her ending up with a situation which makes her have the
transition from seeing the hash world as a beautiful place to understand the
world is not as good as she thought. As the protagonist of this story, she is an inexperienced, navie young girl. as a maid’s daughter she is being invited to her friend Luciana`s party, a girl from
the famliy her mother is working for. Rosaura really want to join the party. As a friend
of Luciana, she want
to fit in Luciana’s lifestyle. However,
her mother
strongly oppose. “That
one’s not your friend. You know what you are to them? The maid’s daughter,
that’s what.”her mother think rich people and poor people can
never be frineds, poor people and rich people are not in the same class, social
status make poor people are inferior to rich people. Rosaura despite
her mother oppose and have a good time at the party. As a navie and kind child,
she helps Senora Ines, Luciana’s mother, by serving at the party out of helpfulness. Rosaura do not
think much about it. She believes that Senora
Ines asking for her help is
because she
knew the house so much better than the others. Now she has the sense of feeling like she is fitting in Luciana’s lifestyle. However, the world is cruel. At the end of the party, Senora
Ines do not give her any color bags of grifts as it should be given to the
guests. Instead, Senora Ines takes
out 2 bills from her purse and
gives it to Rosaura . “You truly earned this … thank you for all your help, my pet”.
This is the point when Rosaura turn
from innocence to experience. She was shocked and realizer the world is not as good as she thought.

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“Rosaura felt her arms stiffen, stick close to her
body, and then she noticed her mother’s hand on her shoulder. Instinctively,
she pressed herself against her mother’s body. That was all. Except her eyes.
Rosaura’s eye had a cold, clear look that fixed itself on Sefiora Ines’


She now understands her mother was right all alone . The world is not as good as she thought. Instead,
the world is cruel, full of lies and unfairness Her dreams was destoryed by the thinking of people are good.
Her innocence were runed by the thinking that people
are equal. And she can never be the old, navie, innocence Rosaura again.


Just like in another story “Stand by Me,” Gordy LA chance, the protagonist, one of
the four boys who go on the journey to find the body of
this dead boy. As
the “not so good” kid in his family, ever since his popular, older
brother was killed in a car accident, he then
become “the invisible boy” in his family due to his parents cannot
handle his brother death well. He tries hard to be his brother to gain his
family approval. This this movie, narration is used to helps create a strong
bond between Go ride LA chance as a pre-teen, and as a storyteller. They travel thought walking on the railway.
Railway is a symbol of childhood. And what happened during the trip symbol as the
transition of turning from innocence to experience. The events
that make Gordy grow up. Due to the Writer’s
style of narration is omniscient; Gordy’s innocence can be effectively brought to attention by what the Writer’s descriptions and
commentary about the events transpiring on screen. This allows each scene can have more suspense and
deeper meaning in it. For example, when they finally find the dead body, Gordy realizes life
is fragile, everything will eventually meet death. And at this point Gordy change from innocence to
experience. Know that there is nothing he can do on his brother death.

Both stories show that once knowledge is gained, innocence is lost forever. The protagonist grow up turning
from innocence into experience in a short period of time in each story, In ‘The
Stolen Party’ Rosaura believes that all people
are good at
first and in the end learns her lesson In contrast between her dream and reality. In “Stand by Me,” Gordy LA chance is looking for approval from his family. After they found the dead
body, Gordy realizes life is fragile and nothing he can do on his brother
death. The illusions of childhood are destroyed once experience is