The Barberton Citizen Hospital

1915 the Barberton Citizen Hospital (BCH) opened as a small 50-bed hospital, which served the small, blue-collar community of Barberton, Ohio. Over the years and with it the increasing demand for healthcare, the hospital grew in bed capacity, office space and medical departments. In the 1970ties the BCH also build a 780-car garage . The hospital was originally city-owned, but was later purchased by Triad Hospitals, Inc. , a for-profit hospital management corporation which was acquired in July 2007 by Community Health System (CHS) .

Barberton Citizen Hospital is a 311-bed, general acute care community hospital, which offers inpatient services in the clinical areas of medicine, surgery, cardiology, critical care, extended care, psychiatry, oncology, emergency medicine, obstetrics and physical rehabilitation. Furthermore it provides many outpatient services and community outreach programs. The hospital offers a Family Practice Residency program and is a major teaching hospital with the Northeast Ohio Universities College of Medicine. It serves the communities of Summit County, Medina and Wayne Counties .

Barberton, Ohio and its Community The Barberton Citizen Hospital is directly situated in Barberton, Ohio. It is situated next to Barberton’s biggest park, the Tuscora Park which has a size of 27. 3 acres. Barberton is a small city in Summit County, Ohio and is part of the Akron metropolitan area. The city has a population of 27. 899 people according to the United States Census Bureau, which also states that the city has a total area of 23. 9 km? , of which, 0. 6 km? is water. Lake Anna, located in the city of Barberton is a natural spring lake, which is named after O. C.

Barber’s daughter Anna Laura Barber. As already mentioned as of the census of 2000, Barberton has 27,899 habitants, which are spread into 11,523 households of which 29. 5% had children under the age of 18. In total the city inhabitants 7,443 families. Of all its habitants, the population of Barberton consists of 92. 43% White, 5. 33% African American, 0. 27% Native American, 0. 37% Asian, 0. 01% Pacific Islander, 0. 24% from other races, and 1. 36% from two or more races.

Hispanic or Latino of any race makes 0. 64% of the population. Within the city the population is spread out with 24. 8% under the age of 18, 8. 4% from 18 to 24, 28. 3% from 25 to 44, 21. 2% from 45 to 64, and 17. 3% are 65 years or older. The median income for a household in the city lies by $32,178 and the median income for a family by $39,387. Furthermore though, other communities than Barberton are served by the Barberton Citizen Hospital.

These would include Medina County with a population of 151,095 people and Wayne County with a population of 111,564. Since we want to reach out to as many habitants of Barberton and the area of Akron as possible, the PR campaign has to assure media coverage.

Therefore it is of great importance to reach out and contact the most important newspapers, magazines radio stations and TV channels of the city and its area. Reference of table Newspaper of Barberton and areaMagazines in Barberton and area •Akron Beacon Journal •Barberton Herald •Akron Legal News Magazine •Cincinnati Enquirer •Cleveland Plain Dealer •Columbus Dispatch •Dayton Daily News •Medina Sun •Ohio Lawyers Weekly •Smart Business •Amish Heartland •Northern Ohio Live TV Stations in Ohio of which most have local stationsRadio Stations in Barberton and Akron ABC network; CBS network Fox network; Independent.

NBC network; PBS network CW network; My Network TV •WAPS FM 91. 3 •WAKR 1590 AM Akron ( News) •WTOU 1350 AM Akron (Sports) Research Outcomes of the BCH Market research conducted in 2001 showed that among residents, BCH had only a 44% top-of-mind awareness among area hospitals, and that it was perceived to be low tech. After this research the hospital launched a marketing campaign to address these concerns. At the end of 2002, BCH wanted to expand its facilities to provide additional services, improve some existing services, and improve parking by installing a new parking lot convenient to a new emergency room.

The best option for BCH was to acquire 8 acres of adjacent parkland, the Tuscora Park, the largest park in Barberton. The obstacle was to convince majority of the City Charter, and convince the community of the benefits. Objectives Objective of the PR campaign is to increase the awareness and knowledge of the community of Barberton according to the operations of the Barberton Citizen Hospital. This would include the awareness of services the hospital offers, about their employees and the job opportunities they offer and of which the community benefits from, and the support of community projects.

Furthermore we want to increase awareness of the benefits the hospital expansion would offer as they are bed capacity, technical advanced medical supply and job creation. In general terms we want to promote and gain a more favorable community opinion towards the Barberton City Hospital. Programming The message the Barberton Citizens Hospital sends out to its community is that it’s stands for and is highly dedicated to provide excellent healthcare and service to its community.

To be able to provide that, it requires to have technically advanced facilities and not only to be up to date but also to maintenance the high standards of qualified and continuously trained employees. Therefore to be able to provide the above named aspects the BCH has to expand the healthcare services offered and expand its facilities. This will lead to the main arguments of providing a new parking lot which is close to the emergency room, which will allow safer and faster services to the community and which can save important time in case of an emergency because it assures an easier access to the hospital.

To assure that the PR campaign will be as successful as possible in order to expand the facilities the PR team has to take different steps. The first will be a press conference, which will inform and educate about the planed expansion and the benefits for the people of Barberton and its area. A campaign in major local newspaper, magazines and TV Networks will be running to educate the community, to explain the benefits for the people in the community and to increase the knowledge of the services the BCH provides.

Additionally the hospitals homepage will give further interesting and important information for the media to cover and also for the community to increase their knowledge. An architectural model could already show how the new facilities would look like and how it would integrate with the neighbourhood. An open weekend at the hospital will also help to demonstrate the benefits of such an expansion to community. Doctors and nurses will be attending to educate and inform the community about their jobs and what an expansion of the hospital facilities would mean to their daily work.

This not only supports the success of the expansion but also helps to increase the awareness of the hospital because the community can identify more to the hospital through the people that work there and save lives every day. Evaluation The main evaluation tool would be majority of voices in the voting of the community according to the land of the Tuscora Park that is needed to accomplish the planned constructions. This is the main evaluation tool for the PR campaign because as mentioned the majority of voices in the vote is needed to be able to realize the plans of the Barberton Citizen Hospital.

If the community can not be convinced about the benefits of expanding the hospital’s facilities the PR campaign was not successful. Additionally a long term evaluation about the support from the community and an increase of choosing the medical services from the BCH can give a feedback of the success of the campaign. Finally the media coverage during the campaign and after can be used as an evaluation tool. Besides that it will give information of how the image of the BCH is seen by the public in terms of headlines and content of articles and reports.