The Best Years of My Life

Personally, my adolescent years were the best years in my life. My life was far from perfect but I do remember a lot about these particular years because I enjoyed them most. Of course I had bad days, however, these moments were unforgettable.

Thanks to puberty, every human being has a testimony to share about adolescence. I experienced good and bad things and I think that these events shaped me into the person that I am today. I believe that adolescence had an impact on my choice of friends, my personality, and my demeanor. My memory of adolescence is very clear! Most of my memories are from middle school and of course high school, simply because they are somewhat recent. Middle school was an exciting experience because it was a completely different environment compared to elementary school.

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I was exposed to a lot more freedom, new people from different schools, and also a new learning environment. School dances were a new thing and also “crushing” on boys were a new thing to me as well. With this being said, puberty came into action. I honestly think that this was the most difficult time in my life because this was when my world revolved around my friends.

I was concerned about who was and wasn’t my friend, who’s house I could stay the night at, and most of all phone conversations also known as girl talk. This was also a time where my parents started to let me go places on the weekends without supervision, such as the movies or the skating rink. My parents always put me in sports and dance activities so I was always occupied and meeting new people; therefore, I always revolved my life around hanging out with friends.

I know most people say “you meet your closest friends in college,” however, I met my close friends in middle school. This is extremely memorable because we are able to reminisce on times together because we basically grew up together. If I had to choose a time in my life that was difficult for my parents.