The Bigotry Against Islam Religion Essay

Since September 11th, Islam has become more outstanding in the western universe, and many misconceptions have been created environing the faith. While I originally was traveling to compose my term paper on Islamic extremism, I decided alternatively to concentrate on how Islam is perceived in the West, and the dogmatism Muslims have endured, due to the actions of Muslim extremists. Small did I know that after September 11th that I would be exposed to prejudice in a manner that can non be defined in any text edition. So many people pointed their fingers at anyone of Arab descent and particularly those who practiced Islam. But at the clip cipher truly knew the facts about Islam. America and the West judged excessively shortly and is still judging without understanding. I feel that since the faith of Islam has become widely misunderstood by western people.

We need to recognize that merely become person is Muslim, does non intend they are associated with terrorist act.Muslim adult females choose to cover up due to modesty and for their ain ego involvements. The hijab is a looking less guiltless article of vesture, yet due to recent events, non-Muslims have come to see the hijab, and other Islamic coverings, as a symbol of fright, anti-Western beliefs, and subjugation. “ Scholars have argued that, for Muslims and non-Muslims likewise in the United States, the outrageousness of 9/11 driven spiritual individuality to go even more cardinal to an person ‘s sense of ego ” ( Moore 239 ) . Now, a Muslim adult female ‘s sense of ego is coming under onslaught. After the events of September 11th, which were carried out by an Islamic extremist terrorist organisation, the hijab became a more identifiable symbol of Islam and shortly after society associated Islam with terrorist act. The hijab “ [ became ] a proxy for the frights, concerns, and moral disapprobations that we-those in the non- Muslim world-hold for other apparently indecipherable patterns ascribed to Islam and Muslims, runing randomly from the intimate integrating of faith with political life, to suicide bombardments, to jihad, to terrorist act ” ( Sheth ) .

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Womans who wear the hijab became a mark for prejudice Acts of the Apostless and slurs. It seemed hebdomad after hebdomad another onslaught against a Muslim adult female took topographic point because her determination to dress modestly, unwittingly associated her with the extremists and their onslaughts. As reported by The Chicago Activist, which is the Council on American Islamic Relations ‘s ( CAIR ) functionary newssheet, a Muslim adult female was denied services at a Citibank in Gresham, IL, “ the guard said it was against Citibank ‘s policy for clients to transact concern have oning caput coverings. ” This was non the terminal of the guard ‘s onslaughts, he reportedly followed the adult female to the counter and stood behind her during the full dealing and “ objected to the adult female having service because it would promote more of ‘them ‘ to come into the bank. ” Sadly, this was non the first onslaught on a Muslim adult female have oning a hijab, nor the last. Muslim adult female have had to digest non merely verbal onslaughts and favoritism, but physical onslaughts every bit good, all because of society ‘s ignorance in respects to a widely practiced faith.

Islamic head coverings have become so controversial in the western universe, that full states have taken enterprises to censor the caput coverings. Most late, France is in the procedure of what has been deemed the burka prohibition. Despite the fact that France has the highest population of Muslims in Western Europe with 10 % of France ‘s population being Muslim, France is still forcing through to censor the spiritual attire ( Giovanni ) .

Gallic President Nicolas Sarkozy has been quoted stating in respects to the proposed burka prohibition that the burka “ will non be welcome on the district of the Gallic democracy ” ( Crumley ) . The Gallic Government has already banned misss from have oning the headscarf to schools in 2004 ( Giovanni ) . Now in 2010, the Gallic President has asked for a jurisprudence to be drafted that bans the approximately 2,000 adult females of France who wear the burka or niqab to non be allowed to have on such garb at public topographic points. “ The move reflects concerns in France that the proliferation of adult females have oning Islamic scarves and head coverings is both a mark of turning Muslim fundamentalism and an open challenge to the state ‘s ferocious secular tradition ” ( Crumley ) .Ariane Quentier who presently is a author in France but has besides worked in Afghanistan expressed to Giovanni why she is against the burka, “ I ‘m wholly against the burka itself because it ‘s a mark of domination of adult females, ” she says. “ My Gallic female ascendants fought for females to be free, and it ‘s bewraying them. ” It is evident that Quentier is non the lone 1 who feels strongly against the burka in France. Harmonizing to a CNN picture study, France Moves Towards Partial Burqa Ban, three out of five Gallic feel the burka should be banned, and those found still have oning the covering could confront approximately a $ 1,000 mulct.

However, the bulk of adult females who wear the burka or hijab non merely in France, but in other states as good, do so because they want to have on it, non because they are forced to. In CNN ‘s picture study, Mabrouka Boujnah, a adult female populating in France who wears the burka, was interviewed. Boujnah argues, “ You are traveling to insulate these adult females and so you ca n’t state that it is Islam that has denied them freedom, but that the jurisprudence has. ” Wearing a burka does non do the 2,000 adult females in France, any less of a Gallic citizen, nor does it stand for an addition in fundamentalism in France.Muslim adult females who choose to veil themselves, are non back uping extremism or anti-feminism, in fact Muslim adult females who cover up experience rather the antonym, “ Many veiled adult females study experiencing full of self-respect and self-pride and bask that their physical, personal ego does non come in into societal interactions. As a consequence, many veiled adult females see the hijab a symbol of freedom and release from work forces ” ( Kayyali 80-81 ) .

In their book, The Arab Americans, Kayyali quotes a Muslim adult female populating in America and how the hijab is a signifier of freedom for her, “ ‘My hubby did n’t do me dress this manner, and I ‘m non oppressed. I ‘m set free – free from the bondage of manner, apparels, hair, places and the similar ” ( 81 ) .Due to racial profiling and hurtful remarks, 32 twelvemonth old Jafumba Asad stopped have oning her traditional dark robe, “ It ‘s bad plenty merely have oning a caput scarf. Wearing full screen scares people, ” says Asad. USA Today ‘s article, USA ‘s Muslims Under a Cloud, reported that even Muslims who were born and raised in America, still experience their spiritual freedom has its bound.

Nahia Jahbid, who worked on the ABC Primetime ‘s societal experiment referenced earlier, who besides wears a hijab, talked about her experience in turning up Muslim in America. She has been called terrorist, towel caput, and camel jockey and has been physically abused legion times. Jahbid besides pointed out that people automatically assume that she is non from here and non American, and when she tells them she is they respond back “ merely because you ‘re born here does n’t do you American ” so what does do you an American? It ‘s non merely a day-to-day conflict for her, but 1000s of other Muslims life in America today, and they should non be subjected to this. Society knows Muslims should non be treated any otherwise from other Americans, but so many harbor frights and misgiving.

A USA Today/Gallup Poll reported that 39 % of Americans favored necessitating Muslims, including US citizens, to transport a particular signifier of designation. Islamaphobia is now unfortunately portion of western society ‘s mind.The hatred against Muslims does non merely refer to adult females who choose to veil themselves either. Unfortunately, people are taking their frights to new unlogical depressions. In the summer of 2004, three Arab Americans wanted to construct a mosque in unincorporated Orland Park.

There was widespread terror, for occupants felt the mosque would convey terrorist act into the community and another 9/11. A docudrama, “ Eyess of the Beholder: The Orland Park Mosque Controversy ” filmed the small town meetings. At the meetings Muslims explained that they wanted to populate in peace with their neighbours and have a topographic point to pray but these comments were fitting with mockeries, deprecating remarks, and name naming although no Muslim who spoke at the meeting used any name-calling in return. Sadly, the small town was presented a request of 3,800 signatures against the mosque. The building of The Prayer Center of Orland Park was eventually approved by the small town ‘s board of legal guardians, but it was non an easy undertaking for suburban Muslims to set about. However, the mosque did acquire built, and now a Qur’an Academy has been built following to the mosque.

Besides the onslaughts of September 11th, where else are non-Muslims deriving fright about the faith of Islam? In the book, Homeland Insecurity, Samia Kulthum argues that the media is making nil but adding to people ‘s frights, “ There is ever a negative association with Islam on the intelligence. That is what has affected our lives the most ” ( 28 ) . Society needs to retrieve that everyone in America was affected by the tragic terrorist onslaughts on New York City, and after the onslaughts all Muslims seemed to come under question. “ The large event that happened, 9/11, changed things. Everything changed in our lives here. We ne’er truly had any jobs, but through the media.

The media are against Muslims. They merely show Muslims as terrorists ” ( 28 ) .The media can be seen as holding a negative consequence on the manner Americans view Arabs. In Dr. Jack Shaheen ‘s book and film, Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People, Dr.

Shaheen exploits how the film industry undertakings Arabs as the scoundrel or portrays them as baboons for inexpensive laughs. It is besides pointed out that 25 % of all Hollywood films that demean Arabs contain derogative slurs or have them as the butt of the gag. Even in kids ‘s films Arabs are portrayed as immorality. Dr.

Shaheen explains that Aladdin is praised as one of the best kids ‘s movie, but it recycles Arabian stereotypes. The supporters Aladdin and Jasmine have no Arab features and expression as if they are merely tan Caucasians. But the scoundrels such as Jaffard, his assistant, and the castle guards have preponderantly displayed Arab characteristics and are the lone 1s in the film with such characteristics. The gap of Aladdin even starts with the wordss, “ Where they cut off your ear, if they do n’t wish your face.

It ‘s barbarian, but hey, it ‘s place. ” We have grown up with these images as the Middle East being this topographic point where immorality dwells and grows. We have grown up with the image that if you ‘re from the Middle east so your Muslim ; even though there are 20 million Christians in the Middle East. Dr. Shaheen expresses that words such as Arab and Muslim are perceived as baleful words, and if the words are endangering, what about the images in films? It is morally and ethically incorrect to corrupt a people the manner Hollywood does.

America is supposed to be a safe topographic point to populate where everyone is treated with self-respect and regard, and has freedoms that can non be found in other states in the universe. Yet, in recent old ages, American Muslims began to experience insecure in the state they call place. The onslaughts that Muslims and Arabs likewise have endured have harmed them psychologically harmonizing to Samir Kulthum, “ I get scared that if something happens they will come onslaught us here in our place.

We all know what happened to the Japanese in World War II. They were Americans. But they put them in cantonments ” ( Cainkar 29 ) . Besides interviewed in the book, Homeland Insecurity, Layla, a Palestinian American Attorney argues that a batch of times it appears that you are merely welcome in America, every bit long as you do non look to hold association with the Middle East, “ It seems like you can populate here every bit long as you blend in with the remainder of us but if there is something that identifies you, it ‘s a stigma, we do n’t desire it here. I think most people are tolerant once they get to cognize you.

But I hate the word ‘tolerance. ‘ That should non be our end. It should be compassion and apprehension. We need to travel farther ” ( 38 ) .Muslims across America have endured hateful comments or feelings of isolation and fright in their ain state, but it has non ended at that place. There have been instances across the state where Arab Americans, even those who are non Muslim, have faced racial favoritism in the workplace, due to the colour of their tegument, the apparels they wear, or because of the sound of their name. Recently, Chicago ‘s chapter of The Council on American Islamic Relations ( CAIR – Chicago ) , defended Abraham Yasin against the Cook County Sheriff ‘s Department, and made history when CAIR – Chicago won the legal instance Yasin v.

Sheriff of Cook County, because it was the first clip in the U.S. a non-for-profit Muslim organisation was the primary lawyer on a major jury litigated instance and won the instance. Harmonizing to the article in CAIR-Chicago ‘s 2009 Annual Report, Yasin was harassed by his fellow officers for old ages and was called names like terrorist, shoe bomber, bin Laden, sand ni**er, and camel jockey in individual or over the wireless and telephone at work. The Internal Affairs Division of the constabulary section failed to take action despite the legion studies Yasin gave to the section and his supervisors. Yasin contacted 12 lawyers prior to CAIR – Chicago, but no 1 would travel up against the Cook County Sheriff ‘s Department, except for CAIR.

Yasin won his instance and received $ 200,000 in amendss for torments. Another workplace experience where a Muslim was exposed to bias was with Layla ‘s cousin who after they were hired and about to travel through their preparation for the occupation was fired, but so told if she did non have on the hijab, Layla ‘s cousin could maintain her place, “ No 1 tells Christians to take off their crosses or Jews to take off their yarmulka ” ( Cainkar 41 ) . This is a valid point, it is really rare to hear of an incident in America where person at work is told they can non have on a necklace with a cross on it. Since America is a state founded on the footing of spiritual freedom, there should ne’er be spiritual favoritism non merely in the workplace, but in society every bit good. Our ascendants all came here for the same ground, freedom.Looking on a larger graduated table, even Barak Obama has experienced bigoted comments against Islam, and he ‘s non even Muslim. Harmonizing to an article in New York Times, “ Obama and the Bigots, ” whispering runs alleged that Obama was a secret Muslim planning to enforce Islamic jurisprudence on the United States and was even accused of being the Antichrist. The rumours go arounding that Obama is a Muslim are non merely inaccurate but besides bring up the inquiry “ So what if he were? ” A Los Angeles Times canvass in 2006 found that 66 % of respondents would non vote for a Muslim president.

Many Americans see Obama ‘s regard for Islam as verification that he is a Sunni terrorist and is portion of a terrorist back up program that is if you ca n’t make the Whitehouse with a hijacked plane, so ramp the Oval office through the ballot box. During the election Hillary Clinton was asked in a Television interview whether Obama is a Muslim, she denied it steadfastly but so added at the terminal of her statement, “ every bit far as I know. ” Members of the Republican Party have tried to link Obama to terrorist act and are quoted as stating, “ good you know Mr. Obama is a Muslim. ” On Meet the Press, Collin Powell spoke against the claim stating that Obama is a Christian and ever has been, but Powell besides brought up the inquiry what if Obama was a Muslim? Is at that place something incorrect with being Muslim in this state? As Powell said, “ The reply is no, that ‘s non America. There should n’t be something incorrect with a seven-year-old Muslim child believing he can be president. ” Throughout the election the mentions to “ Barack Hussein Obama ” and the prevarications of him traveling to a madrassa, every bit good as the controversial New Yorker screen are all the spiritual equivalent to racial slurs, and Obama is non even Muslim.

However, in the political universe, advancement has been made in respects to Muslims keeping office. In the 2007 Minnesota election the first Muslim was elected into Congress, and a Christian/ Jewish community elected him, and there are now two Muslims keeping office in Congress.Fortunately, our tribunal system has been standing up in assisting extinguish the dogmatism against Islam in America. In April 2006, 18-year-old David Huffman was prosecuted for battery after about drawing off a Muslim adult female ‘s headscarf. Alternatively of paying a all right or jail clip, Huffman was alternatively ordered to undergo tolerance instruction preparation at CAIR – Chicago. Huffman spent 40 hours listening and speaking to Muslims, go toing a 9/11 event and sing country mosques, which before he thought were called temples.

By the terminal of his preparation Huffman came to understand the faith and came to see that his old sentiments were because he ne’er knew a Muslim.The major job of the dogmatism towards Islam in America is that the bulk of Americans are uneducated on the issue, and do non understand that there is more to Islam than what is negatively portrayed in the media. The article America ‘s Muslim Problem, posted on, brings up the point that the terrorists do non stand for the true face of Islam any more than pedophilic clergy represent true Christianity. Many are unsighted to the fact that Islam has laid the major foundation for our western civilisation from continuing the Hagiographas of the ancient Greeks to puting the scientific foundations for modern surgery and the micro chip. Even mundane when we see Numberss we use Arabic Numberss, non the Roman numbers.

Yet Americans chose to disregard these facts, and still take to be prejudice against Arabs. People founded America to get away spiritual persecution and still come to America today for that really ground. America was non founded as a Christian state with a specific church, but was founded as a free state where all can idolize as they please. Our laminitiss pick of a free state means that there is observing incompatible about being a Muslim and an American so why do so many citizens make it a conflict for those Muslim Americans every twenty-four hours? Amal Abusumayah who was attacked for have oning her hijab one time said, “ I tell them [ people ] , disregarding it wo n’t work out anything, it ‘ll perpetuate the job. The lone manner to halt favoritism is to stand-up and fight it.

”Islam is non a religion defined by political dockets. It needs to be understood that the radical terrorist actions do non reflect the corporate mentality of 1.3 billion people. No faith is exempt from terrorist act. Approximately 1,200 Moslems were killed by the onslaughts on September 11th. I found a moving image and article during my research in which Colin Powell spoke about a image of a female parent over her boy ‘s grave at Arligton Cemetary. Her boy received the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. He died while supporting his state of America overseas in Iraq.

On his caput rock there is no cross or Star of David, alternatively there is the crescent and star of Islam. Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan was 14 old ages old when 9/11 struck and the authorization to protect his state lead him straight to function in the armed forces where he died supporting his lady America.The dogmatism against Islam in the West is a major job confronting Muslims today. All of Islam should non be condemned for the Acts of the Apostless of extremist Islam terrorist groups, merely like all Irish Catholics should non be condemned for the Acts of the Apostless of Timothy McVeigh.

By distributing apprehension of the faith of Islam, hopefully more people will non see Islam or Muslims in a negative or fearful visible radiation, and understand that terrorist organisations do non specify the full Muslim population.-Victoria Gajc-