The bless me as its creator and source;

The Science fictional story titled Frankenstein includes a self centered mad scientist named Victor Frankenstein.  Victor becomes absolutely obsessed with his power to be god and create life.  He goes as far as actually creating life.

 Some would say what he created is alive and looks somewhat human-like but what he created was a monster.  This power correlates to God but the difference is that God is known to be perfect when creating while Victor is not.  Victor’s pride forms an interesting topic and discussion of Victor Frankenstein’s character.Victor decided to make a creation out of body parts that he stole from people’s graves.  But he did not realize that the body parts he was using were from semi-rotting people which explains why his creation looked like a monster.

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 “Nor could I consider the magnitude and complexity of my plan as any argument of its impracticability.  It was with these feelings that I began the creation of a human being.” (Shelly 54)  Victor created a creature unpleasing to the eye which caused society to react so horribly. When Victor was much younger, his interests were very high in science.  Frankenstein went on to college and became more obsessed with the idea of creating life.  Instead of starting out small, Victor took a huge leap and attempted to make a human.  “After days and nights of incredible labor and fatigue, I succeeded in discovering the cause of generation and life; nay, more, I became myself capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter.

” (Shelly 30)  Victor set up his career focused on his science practices.  He did not have any magical or supernatural powers so he needed his knowledge of science to guide him.  Victor Frankenstein’s obsession became so ignorant that he lost all morals.  He tried to become God.

 “A new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me.” (Shelly 55)  In his mind, creating life is prestigious and wonderful.  It would be a huge discovery whether it is good or bad.  Some people would love it, others would be afraid of the discovery.

 But he ignored the majority of others who opposed his studies and only thought about himself.  In the setting of the story, the creation of life would be beyond incredible but not in a good way.  His pride forced him to believe everything he did was amazing.  His confidence did not allow him to see the result where he would have to face the consequences.  He went forth with his attempt for discovery and he was successful.  He created life and was excited.

 But later on he watched his creation become a monster.  The monster caused more harm than good.  So he became guilty and saw his wrongdoing.  Frankenstein felt guilty for his actions so he tried to fix his terrible mistake.  “I felt as if I had committed some great crime, the consciousness of which haunted me. I was guiltless, but I had indeed drawn down a horrible curse upon my head, as mortal is that of crime.” (Shelly 167)  After little thought, unfortunately, Victor’s mind did not change a whole lot.

 His pride spiked after the monster demanded a companion, another creature.  In Victor’s mind, this was a bonus and he became happy.  The problems many others had with the monster would decrease if the monster was happier.  They believed that the monster would be nicer and treat humans the same way that he treated his companion.

 The only thing stopping Victor from creating another creature is that he didn’t want to create another disgusting looking human race.  He received heavy criticism before and didn’t want to be judged again.  “..

.one of the first results of those sympathies for which the daemon thirsted would be children, and a race of devils would be propagated upon the earth.” (Shelly 170)  Victor never mentions that his monster was the primary cause of William’s death.

 Since Victor made the thing, he should be the one to blame for it.  Victor’s selfishness to avoid blame only made society dislike and misunderstand the creature even more causing the creature to be more upset and do more destruction.  Things didn’t turn out well in the end for anyone.Both the selfishness and pride of Victor Frankenstein caused problem after problem throughout the story.  Victor Frankenstein was ignorant when creating the monster.  He should have thought twice before action.  His action led to a tragic murder that greatly affected multiple people’s  lives negatively.

 He should have never created the monster in the first place.  Afterall, Victor Frankenstein’s attempts at playing the role of god is flawed by excessive hubris.  Therefore, Victor plays God.