The blue switches, but with a short throw.The

The Razer Blade Pro is nothing short of extra, and for this price tag, we expect nothing less.Let’s start with the build quality.

It has an aluminum unibody design, with matt black coating and I think that Razer did a great job over here. Structurally, it is very robust, and sturdy. There is no give anywhere around the body, and don’t have to worry about flexing the screen. I suggest getting a case at the same time, when you buy the laptop!This 17 inch gaming laptop is also very easy to open with just one hand, but while it is beautiful to look at, it collects grime and fingerprints like crazy, so make sure you carry some cloth, preferably microfiber if you want it to be looking clean.The laptop has a lot of connectivity, with three USB ports, 1 Thunderbolt three port, and a SD card reader.

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Tying in the multimedia experience is a beautiful 4K THX certified display. It comes with great color accuracy, which makes content creation on this laptop awesome. The colors are deep and they pop, and the viewing angles are great. And it is touch screen as well. The only personal problem I have with the display, that it is glossy.Upon opening the laptop up, we are greeted with a low profile, mechanical keyboard. The thing with this keyboard is, either you are going to love it, or hate it.

It feels like typing on blue switches, but with a short throw.The keys are also individually lit, with all the cool Razer lightning effects.To the right, Razer has ditched the number pad, and inserted the trackpad over there. If you always in need of a numpad, this is going to be annoying for you.Above the trackpad, there is a scroll wheel for audio, which is very convenient instead of using the function buttons.The Blade comes with a two-megapixel webcam that is capable of shooting 1080p video at 30 fps.

It is enough for Skype calls, or Messenger Video Chats, but I wouldn’t personally use it to stream.The 17 inch laptop has two upward firing speakers on both sides of the keyboard. The sound actually gets very loud and bassy, and you can crunk the volume up to the max, without any distortion.This thing is a monster. As expected, it handles games like a champ.

You can play any AAA game on this thing maxed out, without any stutter. The GTX 1080 8GB does its work very well, with the CPU. I never experienced overheating, or thermal throttling at all.It is awesome for video editing as well. Rendering times of 4K videos are almost 1-to-1 with the time of the project itself.Cooling all of this hardware are two small fans underneath the laptop.

Since the fans are thin, and designed to be minimalistic there isn’t much airflow, and it get’s definately loud.Battery life isn’t so great either, with under just four hours of moderate usage, but with such heavy hardware inside, I didn’t expect much here anyway.This laptop is awesome if you are an on-the-go person and would love to take advantage of the hardware built in it.