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The ability to share videos and real life contents on all social media platforms had become the most prominent changes our modern world brought us related to technology. The Modern Social Psychology tells us that our world had become so modern that even real-life contents can be post on social media and can also boost or nullify our self-confidence based on how people view the contents we post on social media.Digital media can serve as a digital mirror reflecting ourselves and serve as a protective glass that you can see the judgments of people that are clearly posted and can based them on your personal life.One of the most efficient researches that exist in the media is the “Looking Glass Lens” – Self Concept Changes due to Social Media Practices by Julie M. Jones. In this study, he brought the concept of social psychology into the era of self communication. He said on this theory that people can see the truth about him or herself based on the reaction of others through the comments of people on their videos. As a proof of his theory, he conducted an experiment for Youtube Producers and ask them questions if their self – esteem can either boost or nullify based on the comments of people on their videos. And as result, forty – six participants reported that their self-confidence changed for being more accepting to being more aware of themselves.Another research that exist is Castells paradigm entitled “Mass Self Communication Model” based on this model, Castell was able to see that individuals who are armed with cellphones, webcams, GoPros, and other Wifi and Camera enabled devices have the ability to express themselves more and share these visual expressions widely on social media that can affect the viewers opinions about a related topic. To summarize, his study examines how social media practices such as vlogs and self – portraits changes the producers self – evaluation themselves.(bale 2 theories/researches yung ginawa ko)