The changes in the story is the main

Theunsettled frontier made changes in peoples lives and opinions in the realworld. It does not stop at the characters of the Last of the Mohicans either. Somewere molded by the frontier, but there were those who also resisted thosechanges. Gamut is one of the characters which I believe was the most changedthroughout this story.

Whenwe first encounter Gamut he is very theological, and pronounced in his feelingsabout nature, God, and music.  Hecontinues to be the weaker in spirit and in strength of all the men throughoutthe novel. Near the end of the book though, we begin to see David show somesigns of courage and valor. When he was found with the sisters at the massacreafter their leaving the fort. To help in the only way he could he played hispipe with all his effort and almost certainly saved his and the sisters lives.When Uncas and his band charge after the Hurans to rescue Cora. David wishes tojoin their band even though he wishes not to kill. The fact that he even wantedto go into battle with them is a clear sign that his character has evolved.

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Sohow did the changes that Mr. Cooper gave to David reflect the characteristicsof American Romanticism? David in the books holds nature in very high regard inhis life. He also adores God and music as he progresses throughout the story.

Davidis a man who also is seen very often reciting poetry, usually to Alice. He is anormal man in the beginning of the story, but as he progresses he wants to goand help rescue Cora, so we see how a fairly normal man can become one of theheroes in the end.   Acharacter who also changes in the story is the main hero of Uncas.

Uncas is theIndian who in the beginning of the story, seems rather indifferent about thewhole trip he must take. Uncas seems like he only wants to return the girls andgo back to his peaceful life in the woods. As he travels along and gets moreacquainted with Cora its becomes apparent that he starts to fancy Cora and thatshe feels the same. By the end of the story Uncas is determined beyond reasonto go and save the captured Cora. He leads his Indian friends into battle andthey struggle against the evil Magua and his gang. He even ends up giving hislife in the effort for Cora’s freedom. It is very obvious that Uncas hadchanged very much throughout the entire story.

So,did Uncas’s change reflect the values of American romanticism? Uncas’s love fornature was evident and he obtained a gentler spirit also. The Romanticist eraalso dealt a lot with feelings of emotion. Uncas shows his emotion when he raiseshis battle cry to stir the soldiers to rescue Cora.

 Uncas also came up from being a somewhatnormal man to becoming the main hero in this novel another trait often seen inRomanticism. Uncas seemed to oppose the outward expansion of the frontiersmenalso, and the forest to go back only to the Indians.