The Dangers of Flouridation

How would you feel if someone came along, and made you take medicine without your knowledge or consent? saying that this medicine would be benficial without a noticfiction as to what it was, and background information on it. How would you feel if politicians in your city have been adding a corrosive poision into your drinking water?

They do this because they believe it will benefit your health in the future. Well believe it or not, this has been happening in many cities around the country for a long time now. Fluoridation is the act of adding fluorides to a water supply to reduce the incidence of tooth decay. Many cities have been adding fluorides to their commuinites’ drinking water. There have been well documented scientifically verified negative effects from exposure to fluoride.

There is evidence that fluoridation causes much damage to our bodies. Several studies have found that fluoride inhibits broken bne healing, and contributes to damage from osteoporosis and abnormal collagen formation. Increased hip fractures and osteosclerosis are scientifically associated with water fluoridation. The latest research from France n the hip fracture issue that, “The risk of hip fracture was significantly higher when fluorine cncentration was higher than 0.11 mg/L.” Girls 15-16 years of age had premature aging of the bones as well as the hardening of the inter osseous membranes, and irregular bone formation. Fluoride is highly toxic, quite aside from any possible tendency to cause or promote cancer. A few grams can kill you.

Fluoridation is very expensive not only finanacially, but to our health and the environment as well. The health effects of fluorosis alone are estimated to cost alifornia’s $900 million a year. Hip fractures will add several million more dollars to the cost of health care while not even considering the pain, suffering and death. Fluoride is a major world wide pollutant.