The death

The death and punched full of holes… Smothered in the Tower…. Washed to death with wine…. Bloody death and death” The quote “think how thou stab’s me in my prime of out” is a symbolic reference to the notion of backstabbing. Historical metamorphic reference to the Tower-a symbolic of pain, torture, death. The Tower was also a prison. Oxymoron of “edgeless sword”- foreshadowing that Richard will lose the battle tomorrow. Rhetorical question “O coward conscience, how dost thou afflict me?… What? Do I fear myself? “-The questioning of the self. It allows the audience to view that Richard has a conscience and isn’t who he really appears to be on the outside.

Repetition “Richard loves Richard” (Panelists) This soliloquy is a manifestation of the appearance vs.. Reality Hyperbole of the conscience, exploration of conscience by cumulative exploration where ideas are further explained and explored. Rhetorical questing of Backing’s actions by himself, Dramatic irony as audience knows that Hasting is full of virtue and Richard isn’t. Hyperbole (exaggeration) of Richards sadness. Biblical allusion (stuff about the bible such as God) and reference to the bible. Looking for Richard- Richard Ill is never what he seems. He is only honest with the audience informing them of his plans and celebrating his success.

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